The Monkey's News Box: 10/20/13


Whatever is in this will be a treasure every time.

  • It looks like that cool Zelda 3DS is hitting the States, though. At least that's some good Zelda news for us.

  • Killer Instinct is getting a physical box release called the Pin Ultimate Edition. It includes a download code, a box, and a folio with the first two KI Pinny Arcade pins. Yep, it doesn't even include all the pins. The other pins need to be bought separately or earned somehow by going to conventions and stuff. This can no way be called an "Ultimate" edition if it doesn't even include all the pins and you have to spend a few hundred dollars to travel somewhere to get others. And there's no guarantee that you can even get the pin you traveled hundreds of miles for. It's almost like real-life DLC for a collector's edition. I want to like the new Killer Instinct but it is becoming increasingly difficult, now with this piecemeal edition.

  • Have you heard Troy Baker as the Joker yet? Check out this video from NYCC '13 where he read the Joker's monologue from The Killing Joke. We can hear more of him as the Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins coming out this week.


  • The silly Harmony Gold suit against Hasbro over the SDCC 13 G.I. Joe and the Transformers Jetfire set has been dismissed.

- Shawn - 10/20/13