The Monkey's News Box: 9/30/12


Saren is waiting... for the PS3 players who don't mind already having all of Mass Effect's major plot choices spoiled by Mass Effect 2.

  • Somehow, the first Mass Effect will be on the PS3. The upcoming Mass Effect Trilogy will contain all three games and be on the Xbox 360 and PC on Nov. 6th, with the PS3 version coming later, possibly in December. Microsoft published the first Mass Effect, so I'm not sure how this works out for it coming to the PS3, unless there was some weird timed exclusivity deal. There will also be a download version of the first game for $15, for those that don't need to re-buy the sequels. The major plot pints and decisions have already been spoiled by Mass Effect 2's interactive comic, so how many people are actually going to sink in a ton of time when they've already know what happens? Now only the Wii U only players are screwed out of most of the storyline.

  • Cave wants simultaneous home release of DoDonPachi Saidaioujou in Japan and out of Japan. Apparently, they're talking with a mystery publisher besides Rising Star to make this happen. It would be an incredible feat in the world of bullet hell shooters if Cave pulls this off and North America and Europe get this on the same day as Japan.

  • Konami has asked Hideo Kojima to make the next Silent Hill. That would be fantastic.

  • Xbox players can now finally get something for all those earned Gamerscore with Xbox Live Rewards. A 3000+ GS earns you a $0.25 birthday gift. 10,000 earns a 1% rebate on Xbox Live purchases. 25,000+ earns 2% back. It's not much, but at least it's something.

  • There's a bug in Borderlands 2 that resets your Badass rank, taking away everything you earned. Gearbox is on it, but who knows how long it'll take to fix.

  • There's a Dead Space 3 walkthrough showing 17 minutes of the game. I'll hold off on watching so I don't spoil any potential scares, even if it's just showing an early stage.

  • The Ezio storyline of Assassin's Creed is being repackaged as Assassin's Creed: Ezio Trilogy for the PS3. This will include Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations all on the same disc. It will also include the DLC. That doesn't seem right that all three games can fit on one disc.

  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky for the PSP is getting an HD Edition upgrade on the PS3. It's part of the PSP Remaster series so you can transfer your save game from the PSP. Hopefully this will get released in North America, at least a a download title. It got rave reviews, so maybe? Please?


  • Zombieland director Ruben Fleicher will be directing the Spy Hunter movie. I'm surprised the movie is even back on.

- Shawn - 9/30/12

The Monkey's News Box: 9/23/12


Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is already looking better and bloodier than Ninja Gaiden 3.

  • Team Ninja has teamed up with Keiji Inafune for the next Ninja Gaiden. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z has zombies, is cel-chaded, and the playable character is on a mission to kill Ryu Hayabusa. I think he's fighting a losing battle and won't be able to kill Ryu in the end, but it could be cool with Inafune involved. Meanwhile, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is hitting Vita next year, so more Gaiden on the go.

  • If only Project X Zone was on a home console instead of the 3DS, then we could watch the opening movie on a big screen.

  • Muramasa: The Demon Blade will be released on the Vita as Oboromuramasa in Japan on March 28th. Let's hope this makes it to North America.

  • BioWare has announced Dragon's Age III: Inquisition. Nobody expects the dragon inquisition! Hopefully this won't get the same hate that Mass Effect 3 did.

  • Zone of the Enders HD Collection will be out on Oct. 30th. It looks like there might be a Collector's Edition, too, if a GameStop listing is to be believed. Sweet.

  • Okami HD will be out on PSN on October 30th. Get it.

  • DJ Max Technika Tune for the Vita is getting a super limited edition with a two-disc soundtrack, visual book, game case, pouch, screen cleaner, and a strap. It's limited to only 750 and pre-orders start on Sept. 24th on Amazon and Pentavision.


  • Three more of 2013's Masters of the Universe figures were revealed at PowerCon: Snake Face, Karatti, and Octavia. Octavia looks pretty cool, so I may have to try to snag one. There will also be a Castle Grayskull if they get enough pre-orders. Here's the thing, it's a $200 pre-order for something basically sight unseen save for one concept photo. Awesome that there will be a new Castle Grayskull, but $200 for not even seeing the final thing... I'm not so sure about that.


  • According to Michael Dorn, there is some kind of Castlevania movie in the works and he's a werewolf in it. Neat.

- Shawn - 9/23/12

The Monkey's News Box: 9/2/12

"Damn, I think I forgot my cigars."

  • Kept you waiting, huh? The debut trailer for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, an open world MGS game, takes us back to the good old pre-Big Boss days. The 11-minute trailer is just incredible and shows what Kojima's new Fox Engine is capable of. The graphics almost look too good for the current gen systems, but according to Kojima, the graphics will be comparable on the PS3. Ground Zeroes will also be a prologue to Metal Gear Solid 5. Meanwhile, the Metal Gear Solid movie is back on.

  • Instead of continuing work on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a game that fans have been waiting for years upon years, Square Enix announced yet another FFXIII spin-off that isn't Versus: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I'll play it, but why keep making these new spin-offs when the first spin-off hangs in limbo?

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II will have two fancy editions. The Hardened Edition includes a Steelbook case, physical challenge coins, soundtrack, two Nuketown maps, exclusive weapon camp and player cards, and Xbox avatar crap or PS3 theme. The Care Package has all that plus a remote control Dragonfire drone all inside a care package case. Now, how well does that drone fly?

  • The Tekken premium online service, World Tekken Federation (or WTF for short), will be free for anyone who buys Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Good to see Namco Bandai not charging for this.

  • Kat from Gravity Rush is in Hot Shots Golf 6 to make your balls rise and drop in all sorts of directions. Hopefully also be in the eventual US version.

  • Square is releasing a Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Box set. It includes all thirteen regular numbered Final Fantasy games, on various PlayStation disc formats of PS1, PS2, and PS3. For some reason, FFIII is the only one on a UMD. The set is way overpriced at 35,000 yen, but it does have a special video disc, a two disc soundtrack of select songs, an art book, replica Yoshitaka Amano visual and stand, and a probably useless earring code for FFIV. Yep, still way over-priced.

  • After unfortunate delays, I was still hoping that Fractured Soul would still come out on the DS. Well, it's coming out on September 13th, but only on the Nintendo e-shop for the 3DS. I don't own a 3DS, so I guess I won't be able to play this very cool looking platformer/shooter hybrid.

  • In more Final Fantasy news, Square Enix will be bring the chip tune albums to North America soon. The five chip tune albums will be of VII, VIII, IX, X, and XI.

- Shawn - 9/2/12