Normandy Replicas En Route from Mass Effect 1

Back in a simpler time, with the fresh promise of choices that will matter, Commander Shepard and her/his crew romped around the galaxy in the Normandy SR-1. PS3-only fans finally got the first Mass Effect just a couple weeks ago, so they're able to see how the series began and enjoy space travel in the original Normandy, along with lengthy elevator rides. I wonder if the game feels like a prequel to them, like a Mass Effect Episode 1, or something. Likewise, Dark Horse continues their Mass Effect replicas and goes back to the first game for two versions of the SR-1; a normal Alliance Normandy and a version with a fancy silver metal finish.

The first Normandy finally gets a cool little replica.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure this isn't in scale with the SR-2, but the Normandy SR-1 replica is approximately 6.75" long and includes an Alliance display base. Like the previous silver SR-2, the SR-1 will also be limited to 1,500 pieces. Since Dark Horse are already following a similar variant formula, I wonder if we'll see a super limited bronze version at SDCC 2013. Both ships are available for pre-order form the BioWare Store as well as other online retailers and should be out in July 2013.

A silver variant right out the gate... I think I know where this is going.

- Shawn - 12/21/12