Now the Solvalou from Xevious is Playing Baseball

Namco has added more awesomely ridiculous cameos to Pro Baseball Famista, including possibly the best one in the game, the Solvalou ship form Xevious. If you think the Ace Combat jet will deliver hard to hit pitches, I can't imagine how difficult the pitches from the Solvalou would be to hit. Because the Solvalou can fly in space!

The Solvalou should totally make that retro shot sound when it shoots off the ball.

We've seen many of the other cameos already, but there are a few new ones that are pretty cool. There's Mappy, undead samurai Taira no Kagekiro from Samurai Ghost, and Valkryie from The Legend of Valkyrie. Great picks all around.

Mappy is going to have to stop those cats from stealing balls now.

A Samurai Ghost and Legend of Valkyrie crossover could actually work. Outside of baseball, I mean.

Oh, the game will also have another Xevious ship, the massive Andor Genesis mother ship. Holy crap, that thing's pitches would be even more powerful than the Solvalou's. And how does it even fit in the stadium? I don't like baseball in general, but even I'm stoked about this game. Check out loads of screenshots and more characters at Andriasang.

You're definitely going to want the Andor Genesis on your team.

- Shawn - 3/17/11