Omega Fighter




The Story

A massive space cruiser is en route to obliterate all life on Earth. Donít fret humans, for the Omega Fighter has been dispatched. It's mission is to destroy the mammoth craft piece by piece, before it reaches our blue sphere. The aptly named Omega Fighter will be the end for this terror from the stars.



My Thoughts

In some shooters you will go through stages of blowing apart a single large ship, piece by piece. Those stages are usually some of my favorites in a game and are always fun to do. Well, why not take it a step further and make an entire game like that? 

I like the premise of basically fighting the same giant space cruiser in every level. As you destroy weapons and things you see parts of the ship break off. Also, when you get the game over screen, the appearance of the cruiser reflects the progress you made in the game. Although it still annihilates Earth, no matter how much of it youíve destroyed. That one idea is all this game really has for itself. The problems I have with this game are the unexciting, limited power-ups and the intense difficulty in the later levels. The last levels are so damn hard to get through, even by shooter standards. This game had a great idea; it just couldíve been done better. 

Score: 5.5       








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