Optimus Prime Rolls Out to SDCC 2011

The Transformers Collector's Club has revealed two Optimus Prime exclusives that will be rolling into San Diego Comic-Con 2011. The first exclusive is the Matrix of Leadership Optimus Prime. This Optimus is a metallic-ish repaint of the Optimus Prime figure from the Transformers Prime line that won't be out until December. This will actually be the first figure from the cartoon, which might actually make it a pre-paint since it's coming out before the rest. Now here's why it's called the Matrix Prime; It will be housed in special Matrix of Leadership packaging that you can somehow wear around your neck. I can see these losing their "mint-in-box" claim if people actually wear them around their necks at SDCC. The place gets so ridiculously crowded that those packages would be crushed in no time.

The second exclusive is the Ultimate Optimus Prime, which mostly seems to be just a differently packaged version of the regular butterfly-winged Optimus. The packaging is designed to show off the huge trailer, so Optimus will be in full truck and trailer mode here. It will also include an exclusive sticker sheet to tart-up the trailer. If there are any of either Optimus left over they could find their way to HasbroToyShop.com for a few seconds after the show. The latest issue of Transformers Collector's Club magazine should have photos of these guys, which will probably end up online soon. (via TFormers)

Somehow you'll be able to wear Optimus around your neck, but I wouldn't recommend it at the super crowded SDCC.

- Shawn - 5/27/11