Otomedius at E3 is Rather Excellent

There were a few surprising announcements at E3 this year, but this is one for the niche shooter fans: Konami is localizing Otomedius Excellent for the Xbox 360 in North America. I never thought I'd see an Otomedius make it over here, especially considering that Konami never brought over one of the many Parodius titles. Otomedius is essentially Gradius with crazy anime space cleavage girls shooting crazier and bustier anime girls. This is not a localization of the previous Otomedius Gorgeous that's on the 360 in Japan; it's a brand new game with a bunch of new characters, including a descendant of Simon Belmont. So, I guess in the future Dracula just calls it quits when he sees the world is reduced to being protected by hyper anime girls in spaceships. He's probably better off not getting involved then trying to understand it. Here's something weird, though - all the cleavage in the trailer censored. That's almost more bizarre than the game itself. Otomedius being released in the U.S. is excellent, but I'd still rather see Konami bring over all the old Parodius games in a collection. Otomedius Excellent might be out in September. (via Kotaku)

Otomedius Cat's Pajamas would be a better title.

- Shawn - 6/16/10