Otomedius Excellent E3 Trailer is Going to Finish Off Quick

With all the huge announcements and big name games everyone loves, it's easy to forget that one awesome niche game at E3: Gradius. And since that isn't at E3 we have to settle for Otomedius Excellent. The E3 trailer is the same as the previous trailer from April, but with translated text. Otomedius Excellent will have the original Japanese voice acting with English subtitles popping up while you're trying to dodge bullets. At least now you'll know not to interrupt when one of the girls says she is going to finish off quick. Along with the bucket load of animated boobies, the game also features 3-player co-op and will have DLC. And do those bubbles with the girls that obscure the screen really appear during gameplay? It'll be annoying if they do. Otomedius Excellent and all its Gradius references will be out in July.

- Shawn - 6/7/11