Otomedius X (Excellent) Trailer Shoots Out a Pirate Cat Girl

While you wait for me to finish carefully examining and judging my WonderCon '11 cosplay photos for supreme post-ability, you can enjoy this new trailer for the very delayed Otomedius X (Excellent). The trailer has roughly the same amount of cleavage as the cosplay photos, although these are just animated. This new trailer shows off some of the bosses, including a timber-shivering pirate cat girl that's very reminiscent of the pirate cat ships in the Parodius games, except this one is in a bikini. As nice as the animated jiggle physics are, I'd much rather have a new Parodius. I know Konami has said that Otomedius is basically taking over the Parodius reigns, but I still want more of that Parodius ridiculousness. Hell, I'd much rather see a Gradius VI. What's going on with that, Konami? There is lots of Gradius in Otomedius, though, so we'll take what we can get for now. Otomedius X (Excellent) should be out sometime this year, unless it suffers more delays.


- Shawn - 4/6/11