P-47: The Phantom Fighter

-Jaleco (1988)


The Story

The Germans are on the loose! They're setting up operations all over the globe with forces in France, Africa, and the Arctic.  Youíve been assigned the task of fighting the Germans in your trusty P-47. The rest of the fleet is busy fighting the Germans in Europe, and youíre the only one that could be spared to take out their global expansion.

My Thoughts

The enemies in this game are all close to real-world planes and vehicles, well, except for the German Super Tank. Your main weapon, though you use it the most, isnít your forward gun because there are no power-ups for it. Your main weapon turns out to be the various missiles and bombs your plane drops. You only get power-ups for those. Overall, there really isnít anything special about this game. You do get to fight Germans, but you do that in many other games. The bosses repeat themselves and the whole operation isnít too exciting. The sunset background is nice, though.

Score: 4.0