Pac-Man Vs.

-Namco (2003)


Eat your friends up. Eat 'em up good.

An overly happy fat yellow face or fast cars and ample cleavage? Choose wisely.

My Thoughts

There are two ways to get Pac-Man Vs. The game is available with Player's Choice copies of Pac-Man World 2, so if you really love the yellow dot eater you can get two games for one. It is also packed with some copies of the racing game with cleavage, R: Racing Evolution, although copies including this additional game can be fairly difficult to find. Since I have no intention, whatsoever, of ever playing Pac-Man World 2 and I had some interest in playing a racing game by Namco that wasn’t Ridge Racer, I bought R.

Pac-Man Vs. is strictly a multiplayer affair, so gather up some friends or you’ll miss out on all the fun. This is how it works: You hook up a GBA to the Gamecube. The player who is Pac-Man uses the GBA and has the traditional view of the field and everything that is happening. The players that are ghosts look at the TV screen. The ghosts have a limited range of vision and can only see the immediate surrounding area.

The sounds effects on the Gamecube and GBA chime together with no delay or weird echo effects. On the Gamecube side, Mario also announces the action, saying things like “Pac-Man ate a power pellet!” “Go go go!” and “Oh no!” when a ghost is eaten.

If, for some odd reason, this is the only means you have of playing Pac-Man, or if you just don’t have any friends, then it would be nice if there was a single player option. That would ultimately defeat the purpose of the game, though; classic Pac-Man as a frantic multiplayer bash.

Pac-Man Vs. is a supremely fun and original variant on the old, traditional Pac-Man formula. If you have the means for Pac-madness then you need to play this.

Score: 8.5


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