Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2

-Sammy (2004)



It's sexy time go!

My Thoughts

If this is what you've been craving for, Mame's got the answer, baby.

A little while ago a new version of MAME was rolled out that opened up some new games for play, including Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2. Finally, the simple joys of gambling and forcing women to take off their clothes can appear on my computer screen once again. I’ll have to warn anyone who is looking for the MAME Rom of this game, it’s currently pretty damn hard to find. Please, I don’t need any emails asking me where to find it. There’s a few message boards around that might be able to help you get it if you have an itch for this game that needs scratching. The weirdest part about what made the game fun was tracking down the elusive ROM.

There doesn’t appear to be much of a difference between the two Sexy Reaction games when you first start it up. The most disappointing thing I noticed as I began playing was that that there is no ‘Fever Go!’ rounds in this edition. I couldn’t believe it, but they are now called something boring like bonus rounds. Whoop de do! Bonus rounds! Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 does have a lot more variation on what happens during these bonus rounds, however. Or at least, I could actually tell what was going on while I was playing them. One of my favorite moments occurred when I had to feed pachinko balls to a Jaws-like shark, and then hit his fin while he was swimming around. Other ball dropping excitement includes hitting prairie dogs on the head or unfreezing penguins. Still, I miss the high pitched Japanese girl screaming, “Fever Go!”

The horror!

Aside from the loud and crazy sounds and seizure inducing flashing insanity, the biggest reason for perverts to play either Sexy Reaction game is to force Anime chicks to take their clothes off. Pachinko Sexy Reaction had some crazily disproportionate women, but the sequel bumps it up about six notches. Some of these visions of “beauty” nearly made me want to vomit. For some reason the art department at Sammy went with super exaggerated faces and disgusting torpedo breasts. I like big breasts as much as the next guy, but not when they could sink a German U-boat. If that wasn’t bad enough, in some strange way some of the girls remind me of Yu-gi-oh. That’s enough to keep me having nightmares for years. I guess one man’s treasure is another man’s oddly alien faced pornographic image I suppose.

Seriously, this is an alien right?

Aside from the grossly misshapen women, It’s hard not to get excited on some primitive level by the flashing lights, brilliant colors, crazy sounds and music. Like the first game, Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 is like a recipe for the retardation of the human species. There isn't much to do except sit and admire all the pretty, pretty colors. The game-play, if you can call it that, is exactly the same as the first game. So those with great ball handling after beating Pachinko Sexy Reaction will be more than familiar with the set up for this one. I felt more comfortable hitting the button a billion times and adjusting the lever to make them go where I wanted them. Still, most of what you do is hit the quarter button and hit the ball release button.

Just how I likes 'em: really underage and really drunk.

Unlike the first game, you have a limited amount of control over which girl you want to harass until she takes her clothes off. There are a few times when you can pick where to go next, with your choice leaving out a few of the girls from the total you’ll harass. Most of the scenarios are the same. Perhaps the most disturbing thing happens when you go to an amusement park to make one of the underage workers in an animal costume take her clothes off. I suppose it’s not completely a furry moment since she gets completely naked, where as a furry would leave most of the outfit on. Ugh. Still, I can say that now my life is complete. I combined my love of video games and sexually abhorrent things into one shining moment of grandeur.

After beating the obviously twelve-year-old carnival worker, it was on to sexually harassing Japan’s number one top news/ business woman or something. What’s most surprising about this game is just when you think you’ve seen everything you could imagine, something else comes along like say… a military helicopter popping out of nowhere during the battle against the newswoman and shooting at the slot machine bars. Amazing. Well, needless to say my ball handling skills were at their peak. It wasn’t easy, the business woman started doing a little dance on the side of the screen, but it didn’t work… well it did for a few seconds until I realized I was staring at the results of a sex starved Japanese man’s ultimate wet dream.

I'm just going to assume this girl is of legal age now. Thanks.

When she finally went down, I went next to a child’s bedroom. I guess we aren’t even bothering to pretend anymore now are we Japan? For the bonus round attacks you have to bounce your silver balls on top of miniature versions of all the girls you’ve previously gone up against. Balls bouncing on their heads? That one is way too easy. When you finally get all of them, blam! the game is over.

To get all the girls you have to play the game at least one more time. Giving it about one more hour of fun before you never play it again. The biggest problem with this “game” is that while there was more to do it featured less of an epic storyline and excluded my favorite catchphrase of the first game. The other disappointment with Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 is that it loses a lot of its novelty if you've played through the first game. Still, Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 abounds with crazy so if you want to indulge your brain in some otherworldly culture… then do your best to find this game and play away my friends. It almost must be noted that Pachinko Sexy Reaction 2 has to be rated as an experience rather than a game. I mean, the higher score would be like giving a slot machine something close to Halo 2.

Score: 8.5



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