Pick Up an Exclusive Halo 4 Figure with Your Next Prescription

Walgreen's has an exclusive Halo 4 figure. Yes, Walgreen's. Just walk into a Walgreen's for your pills, get a card for your mom, and grab an exclusive Halo figure. It seems kind of bizarre, because who thinks of Walgreen's for an exclusive anything? McFarlane Toys' brand new Spartan CIO in steel with green highlights actually looks really cool and is a scheme never done before for Halo figures, so McFarlane Toys hooked Walgreen's up with a great exclusive. The days of exclusives for all the major toy retailers is over for Halo figures, because Walgreen's has somehow become a major retailer for Halo figures and has the only exclusive for Halo 4 Series 2, unless a secret one randomly pops up.

This Spartan comes with pills, if you want it to.

The Elite always wanted to go into space, man.

Walgreen's super cool CIO is a part of Halo 4 Series 2. This series has Master Chief, yet again, but with a Micro Ops Cortana he can hold in his hand... just like in the game! There's a kind of slate blue Elite Ranger who looks boss, a purple Spartan CIO, a rust-colored Spartan Scout, and another Storm Jackal. Each figure also includes an exclusive weapon or armor skin for Halo 4 multiplayer.

All the figures will be out in some stores very soon, if they're not out already. Toys 'R' Us is the only regular retailer listed for this series of Halo figures. The rest are Walgree)Amazon, Target Canada, Wal-Mart Canada, K-Mart is still chugging along, and... Rite Aid? Rite-Aid has Halo figures too? Man, Halo is ending up at some strange places.

The Chief loves having a woman on-hand.

It's like if Sam Fisher was in the future. And liked purple.

The Jackals really let themselves go.

The Scout is back, but is all rusted out.

- Shawn - 10/2/13