Play Arts Kai Halo Reach Photos Fall from Square Enix

It was a quite surprise when I saw Halo: Reach figures in the Square Enix booth at SDCC'10. I didn't realize that Halo was popular enough in Japan for Square Enix to get into making figures from Reach, but here they are. Square Enix Products has dropped photos of the first three figures from Halo: Reach's Noble Team: Noble Six, Emile, and Jun.

Noble Six is the new guy on a doomed planet.

Compared to the McFarlane Toys figures, they are more detailed, as the larger 10" size allows for more accuracy, but they will also cost you at least three times as much. However, they appear to be a bit duller looking. The paint looks a little more drab and not as vibrant as McFarlane's, but it could be that the paint apps Square Enix is using is a more realistic take on what the armor would look like. As for accessories, each figure includes a gun, knife, grenade, and two extra hands. The three figures will be available in November. You can see more photos at Square Enix Products or AmiAmi, where the figures can be pre-ordered.

- Shawn - 8/28/10

Emile needs to think about his entire life before going into battle.

Jun is the resident sniper in Noble Team.