Play Arts Kai Solid Snake and Cyborg Ninja Production Shots Sneak Up

This time Hideo Kojima didn't sneak up photos of the updated Metal Gear Solid Play Arts Kai figures. Solid Snake and the Cyborg Ninja are getting more finalized and have started popping up for pre-order. With the opening of pre-orders come the first production shots of the two figures and details of the included accessories. Solid Snake includes his iconic SOCOM hand gun and FA-MAS rifle, while Cyborg Ninja includes his katana and laser gun arm. The figures will be out in February 2012 and cost $50 - 60 depending where you get them. You can currently pre-order from AmiAmi and Hobby Search, but domestic retailers will probably opening up their pre-orders soon.

Classic Solid Snake with all the polygons iron-out.

Cyborg Ninja is looking more bad-ass than ever.

- Shawn - 11/3/11