PlayStation Optimus Prime Rolling Out

The dreams of reliving the 16-bit wars with Mega Drive Megatron fighting a Super Nintendo Optimus have ended, as Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. announced PlayStation Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime is going right to the next generation of consoles transforming into an original Sony PlayStation, complete with a controller and cord. Megatron is stuck as a 16-bit console while Optimus comes rolling in with a full 32-bits.

Optimus Prime is not red e... he's still in the prototype phases.

Yes, this is an officially licensed product and it looks like the actual release won't be until 2015. Tag Hobby has some shots of the prototype figure from Wonder Festival 2014 Summer.

Apparently the Matrix of Leadership rests within a PlayStation console.

Optimus Prime isn't the only PlayStation product getting some love because T-ARTS has also announced a 1/6 scale PlayStation History Collection. This is a line of consoles and peripherals from the PS2 to the PS4. This includes the fat and slim PS2s, the three main PS3 models, and the PS4, along with the various DualShocks, the Move, and cameras. Oddly this also includes the PS2 multitap, the torne, and nasne.

1/6 scale PlayStations for some super rad dioramas.

I would love to have some 1/6 DualShock controllers and PlayStation consoles, though. These could make for some great dioramas with 1/6 scale figures. It is a little strange that there is not an original PlayStation or a PS One, though. Is Optimus the only original PlayStation? Check out more shots of the prototypes PlayStations at T-ARTS and Tag Hobby.

How about a new PS3 for your [insert figure name here].

- Shawn - 7/31/14