Predators Series 8 Gets to da Choppa

NECA's Predator line has mostly been a Predator-only party throughout Series 1 - 7, but Series 8 finally brings in a human character with Dutch, the original Predator ass-kicker. In fact, there will be two versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch. Jungle Extraction Dutch has Arnold in his military shirt, machete, and a cigar in his mouth while Jungle Patrol Dutch has his sleeveless shirt with vest. Both figures include an M-16, pistol, knife, and have over 20 points of articulation. The third figure is a new version of the classic Predator featuring better articulation. This series will also debut new jungle packaging with a 25th Anniversary logo. Pre-orders have opened at online retailers and the figures will be out in February 2013. It's exciting to see Dutch as a NECA figure. If we're lucky maybe NECA will make the rest of the team.

"Get to da choppa... after I finish my cigar."

- Shawn - 12/2/12