Prehistoric Isle in 1930

-SNK (1989)


The Story

The Bermuda Triangle has been a source of mysterious disappearances and accidents for decades. There has been an increasing amount of these accidents near Greenhill Isle (Greenhell Ė such a peacefully evil name). We shall launch an investigation crew to discover the cause and report our findings to the good people of our country.   

My Thoughts

Dinosaurs! Pissed-off dinosaurs actually. For some reason all the dinosaurs are evil, even the herbivores that are usually assumed to be friendly. Not only are the dinos angry, most of them shoot fireballs and they inexplicably explode when you shoot them. Some of the pterodactyls and some smaller dinosaurs do burst into a nice blood spatter and, in a later stage, some of the pterodactyls lose their skin and organs when you shoot them, so their bones are just flying around. The Neanderthals are somehow as big as the dinosaurs and there are some freakishly large insects. As you can tell, some things in this game donít make much sense, least of which are the bosses. 

In some stages you will fight two bosses, while others have the usual one. The bosses are mostly normal looking dinosaurs with a few nifty and/or odd little attacks. The brachiosaurus likes to extend his neck of unattached floating balls and chomp down on your plane. Thereís a hunched-back Allosaurus that shoots fire-balls, a rhamphorhynchus, an unknown dinosaur thatís a bloody-vein-popping floating plant creature, a huge Coleoptera beetle that blows apart into smaller beetles, a massive boney turtle, an enormous Ammonite snail creature, and a stegosaurus that can channel electricity though its body and shoots his unlimited supply of spike plates. The final boss is an over-sized T-Rex with a stiff neck (He obviously watched too many movies in the front row). 

During the game youíll be popping off dinos in your trusty red biplane. Your power-ups give you an extra weapon that you can position in different places around your plane. Each position gives the weapon different types of shots and it acts as a shield.  In one stage you pilot a submarine and take on underwater-saurs. I do like the whole idea of going to the Bermuda triangle and finding an island of dinosaurs, but when you pretty much just fight pterodactyls all the time it gets boring. The game was worth playing through though because the ending was surprising and quite unexpected. After the T-Rexís flurry of explosions your planes dock back in the large transport plane. You and your people start working out a report to warn everyone to stay out of the triangle. Suddenly a flock of pterodactyls attack the transport plane which quickly explodes. Holy crap, Iím dead! Perhaps exploding dinosaurs make more sense in death.                           

Score: 6.0    






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