Qute Announces Dramatic Vertical Shooter Ginga Force

Qute has announced vertical shooter Ginga Force for the Xbox 360, which looks like it could be the spiritual successor to Qute's previous Xbox 360 shooter, Eschatos. Eschatos itself was the spiritual successor to Judgment Silversword and Cardinal Sins. Unlike the previous games, Ginga Force will have a larger focus on story and have anime characters for super dramatic yelling stuff. There will be at least ten stages and players can unlock new parts for customizing the ship's weapons, engine, items, and color. From the screenshots, it looks like Ginga Force will also have the same sweeping camera that moved behind and around the ship like it did in Eschatos.

Ginga Force has the same dramatic camera action and 100% more shouting anime characters.

Qute released Eschatos as a region-free disc, so hopefully they'll do the same for Ginga Force when it comes out on August 30th. Check out the official site for more screenshots and details.

- Shawn - 6/14/12