R-Type Die-cast Arrow Head in Black and Red

There were some kind of space-mecha-robot-toy conventions in Japan during the summer that got exclusive black and red colors of A-Label's slick die-cast R-Type ships. Maybe they didn't sell as well or maybe A-Label made extras so those who couldn't get them were given the chance to expand their R-Type space fleet. Either way, both the Rwf-9A in black and the Rwf-9A in red (of the Venables Interception Squad) are now available for pre-order at AmiAmi for 7,980 Yen each. They're scheduled to be shipped in December 2010, possibly in time to give as a gift to your favorite R-Type fan.

Yujin also made these variants for the R-9A in their Shooting Game Historica line years ago if you are looking for a more affordable way to expand your R-Type fleet. These are cool, but instead of just alternately colored ships, I would love to see a company make an entire toy line of the 101 ships from R-Type Final.

The R-9A, now available in classic black.

The Venables Interception Squad doesn't give a damn if you see them coming because they are that good.

- Shawn - 11/9/10