-Dooyong (1995)



The Story

Welcome to the new frontier of space, rookie. Whist yer out 'ere you'll be flying in the R-Shark. We'll git you acquainted with the place later. Right now I needs you to ‘round up the unruly gang of outlaws that been troubling the nice people of our space town. They been stealing the ‘roid-ore from the hard-working miners. Since it’s your first day in space your first mission will be to arrest the eight gang-leaders and bring a stop to their operations. I done about all I could with my idle threats. They’re outlaws, quick on the draw, like you’ve never seen before. The eight bad men are: The Captain, One-Eye, Princess, Scars, Crazy McGurke, Green Boy, Ironside, and Robo-Head. Good luck, Space Cowboy.


My Thoughts

R-Shark seems to be the future Old West of space shooters. The colors are nicely bland and the stages seem like they could be part of the old gold mining towns. The ship you fly is decent and has some cool special weapons. From time to time five numbered power-ups float down the screen so you get to choose what style weapon you want. It’s good to have choices in your weaponry. But, that’s about all the good things I can say about this game. There's a lack of variety in the enemies and you'll end up shooting the same ships in every level. 

The bosses aren’t very impressive either. The outlaws you are supposed to arrest are just odd. Before each stage they threaten you to catch them. They each say this in their own stupid phrases, but the worst is the moron I call Robo-Head, “I’m mean. Come get me Young Man.” I think he wants me to do "manly" things with him when I catch him. What’s even worse is when you arrest the outlaws, they congratulate you. “Hey Ace, you’re the best,” is one of their puzzling remarks. Basically they say, “Thanks for arresting me, destroying my ship, killing my friends, and ending my profitable life of crime, you awesome guy.” It just doesn’t make any sense.

Score: 4.5