-Seibu/Com2Us (2003)

-played on a LG-5450



Itís Raiden in your pocket!



My Thoughts:

I initially thought that this was harder than the regular game, but itís not. The small directional pad on my cell phone just took some getting used to. This is a scaled down version of Raiden, but everything is here. Every stage and enemy vehicle in the main game makes an appearance here and is faithfully recreated. The bosses look just as they should and assault you with the same menacing attacks. The screen shots here donít do it justice; the game actually looks very clean. Thereís a couple times when the background is a white-ish color that enemy bullets blend in, making them difficult to see. Other than that, everything is easy to see on the tiny screen. Since a phone isnít an ideal platform for gaming, a nice little tweak has been made to the control. Pressing the number 5 key will turn on the auto-fire. Now all you have to do is worry about moving the ship and laying the bombs.

A few notable things are missing from the game, however. Mainly, there are no sound effects. All you here is the music playing. Maybe itís the limits of the programming for a cell phone game, Iím not sure. I suppose itís not a bad thing though, since whenever Iíve played it Iíve been in a place where having the sound on would be very annoying to others. The MIDI music from this game would make some great ring tones, though. The destruction of the landscape doesnít happen and the big gun boat in stage three doesnít shoot or anything. It just sits there. Maybe it was something missed during testing.

As I stated before, this is a scaled down version of the regular game, and I mean everything is scaled down. There are nowhere near the large numbers of enemies you faced in the regular game, but the amount that is there is plenty. There certainly isn't much of a lull in the action. You canít power-up your weapons as much either, only three times for the guns and twice for the missiles, although a few shortcuts are made so getting the more powerful version of the weapon does only take three power-ups. I canít really fault the game for these since having the same number of enemies as the regular screen would just clutter up the screen too much. Plus, you want to get right into the fray when youíre playing the game waiting in line or something. Mobile phone games are not something youíll be playing at great lengths during the day.

When compared to the regular Raiden this is obviously missing some things and takes a few shortcuts, but for a shooter on a mobile phone, it one of the best and makes a fun diversion. Overall, Com2Us has done a commendable job of translating the tense shooter action of Raiden into a micro mini size for the mobile phone.   

Score: 8.0


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