Raiden V Director's Cut Trailer Unleashes Cheer

Moss and UFO Interactive are giving Raiden V the Director's Cut treatment, packed with more features and options than any Raiden before it. This trailer is nuts.


I still haven't played regular Raiden V yet, mainly because I don't have an Xbox One, so I don't know everything that is new compared to the original Raiden V. This does looks like it's packed with a ton of features with 2-player simultaneous play, different ships to choose from, nine types of shots, different stage paths, a narrated storyline, a constantly updated status screen, and a new special weapon called cheer. Weird, but I can't wait to rain cheer down on the invaders. Oh, and that Sprit of Dragon ship is very similar to a Vic Viper, like a combo Raiden Vic Viper, which is awesome.

Raiden V: Director's Cut will be out this Fall for PS4 and PC. The PS4 physical disc will also have a soundtrack CD.

- Shawn - 6/6/17