R.C. Berg Detaches a Power Dolls Model

R.C Berg is making a Power Dolls model kit based from the newest game in the series, Web Power Dolls. I had no idea that the series was still alive, but apparently Web Power Dolls is a browser-based Power Dolls strategy game that came out not too long ago in Japan. The Power Loader XL-11 model is approximately 7" tall, and like R.C. Berg's other kits, is cast in color resin. The price is a powerful 21,000 Yen and will be available at Winter Wonder Festival on February 2nd, 2013. If only R.C. Berg would make non-limited kits, these would be easier to get and much cheaper. Check out more photos at R.C. Berg.

Power Dolls are now detaching mech service on the web.

- Shawn - 1/1/13