Red Cyborg Ninja Unlocked at SDCC

We first saw the red Play Arts Kai Cyborg Ninja at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show, courtesy of Hideo Kojima. I figured it would be an exclusive somewhere and, according to a Twitter post by Konami producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, it will be at SDCC 2012 at the Square Enix booth. In Metal Gear Solid, the Cyborg Ninja had an alternate red and blue color scheme after completing the game twice while meeting certain conditions. This also puts Solid Snake in a tuxedo, which is a Snake variant I highly doubt we will ever see a Play Arts Kai figure of. The Cyborg Ninja Red Version will probably be in the $60 range and will most likely be quite limited.

Neither enemy, nor friend, but only at SDCC.

- Shawn - 7/6/12