Revoltech Blade Liger and Geno Breaker Re-Ignites Zoids

Kaiyodo's Revoltech line has just re-ignited my love for Zoids in a big way. I didn't even know the Zoids license was under development for Revoltech until I saw their Blade Liger up for pre-order at AmiAmi today. Revoltech figures are always awesome, but this Blade Liger really bumps up their awesome meter to another level. Blade Liger has a whopping 34 joints, which is far more than the Zoids model kits I used to build. The models could walk around with batteries in them, but had extremely limited poseability. Just look at the photo gallery for a fraction of the awesome poses you can put Revoltech Blade Liger in. You can even pose Blade Liger scratching himself like a cat. It's amazing. Since Blade Liger needs another Zoid to battle with, it's nemesis Zoid, Geno Breaker, is also receiving the Revoltech treatment. It's looks just as articulated and twice as deadly. The Blade Liger will be out in July, hopefully with Geno Breaker around the same time. A full gallery of Revoltech promo shots follows below.

- Shawn - 5/14/10

An awesome battle scene like this was impossible with the Zoids model kits.

I never thought a Zoid could look cute. I was wrong.