Revoltech Blade Liger Sees Red

The super awesome Revoltech Blade Liger will be getting a special red version exclusive to Dengeki Hobby. If you have the blue Blade Liger you'll be able to pose them in some sweet red vs. blue liger battles. Or you could have both of them team up against the Revoltech Geno Breaker. It'd be like Ryu and Ken fighting against M. Bison in Street Fighter Alpha, that is if Ryu and Ken piloted mechanical beasts. The red Blade Liger was in the Zoids series New Century for a short time and was piloted by Leon Toros, who had found the Zoid while wandering in a valley. If I'm ever wandering a valley I hope I find something at least half as cool. If you're in Japan you can pre-order the liger straight form Dengeki, but if not then you'll have to partake of a proxy service like Tokyo Hunter. Orders are expected to ship in February 2011. It's expensive either way, but red ligers are a rare breed.

Red Blade Liger's are either very angry or just painted red. It's difficult to tell.

It's probably best to let sleeping Zoids lie.

- Shawn - 11/6/10