Revoltech Jehuty Powers Up

The next Zone of the Enders Revoltech figure isn't a transformable Vic Viper or Viola, unfortunately, it's another Jehuty. The third Revoltech Jehuty is the 2nd Runner version with the enormous Vector cannon. The Vector cannon is as big as Jehuty, if not bigger. They could have just released this as an accessory pack, like they did for the Evangelion figures, but Z.O.E. isn't nearly as popular as Eva and re-selling a figure probably gets them a little more money. Also, the Jehuty could have needed to be modified so the giant cannons could be attached. This super-powered Jehuty will be out in July. Check out tons of pics at AmiAmi.

Jehuty got some huge-ass cannons.

- Shawn - 4/29/12