Revoltech Solid Snake Takes a Mini Smoke Break

A Revoltech Solid Snake is finally sneaking out, but he's not a regular Revoltech figure; he's a Revol Mini. Solid Snake, along with Kinnikuman, are the first figures in the new Micro Yamaguchi line, Revol Mini. Snake stand 110 millimeters tall, which is over 4 inches, making him just a little too tall to hang out with 3.75" G.I. Joe and Star Wars figures. This is a huge missed opportunity. This will no doubt be a high selling figure, but they could have sold even more had Snake been in the more universal 3.75" scale. I really wanted to have Snake drive around in a VAMP or take down an AT-AT, but it looks like my action figure dreams will never happen.

Doesn't Snake know that smoking will make him not in-scale with 3.75" figures?

Even though he's not the best possible size, the amount of articulation and accessories Snake has is fantastic. At 16 points, he has almost as much articulation as a normal-sized Revoltech, which means he'll be able to go in just about any pose you want. The figure even has eye articulation! You'll need to use the included pick to move his eye, but eye articulation on a 4" figure is amazing. He's got extra hands (one holding a cigarette), two guns, C4, binoculars, a holster, and a display stand.

All this and articulated eyes.

Even though it's not a regular-sized Revoltech, this is the figure I was hoping the Revoltech Peace Walker Snake would have been. Mini Solid Snake should be out in July. Check out more images at Tag Hobby.

- Shawn - 4/26/14