Rising Star Shoots into U.S. with Akai Katana

Rising Star Games recently did shooter fans not in Japan a favor by releasing DoDonPachi Resurrection in Europe as a region-free disc. North American fans were able to import the game already translated with the King's English. I had never heard of Rising Star Games, or hadn't paid attention to them, until their release of DoDonPachi Resurrection. Their next Cave release is going to be Akai Katana and I was hoping that it would be another region-free disc so U.S. fans could import another shooter, but Rising Star decided to do something better; They have opened a U.S. branch in California and their fist game will be Akai Katana.

Where the hell did that battle-train come from?

This is awesome on so many levels. Not only do I not have to import another Cave shooter, but it's possible that Rising Star could become a regular distributor of Cave shooters in the U.S. This may be getting ahead of everything, but maybe they'll even go into Cave's back catalog and bring over games that were never made it over to the U.S. or were not region-free, like Ketsui or the previous DoDonPachi titles. Rising Star will also be releasing digital titles over PSN and XBLA with Rising Star Games Digital, so there might be even more cool games coming our way. The U.S. version of Akai Katana will be released at the same time as the European version in the coming months, maybe possibly in a Deluxe edition with the soundtrack, like they did with DoDonPachi Resurrection. (via Siliconera)

- Shawn - 1/28/12