Robocop Patrols 8-bit Detroit Once Again

NECA is making a regular thing of retro videogame repaint figures. Their latest Robocop repaint pays tribute to the old NES game. Like the Jason and the Freddy figures before it, Robocop is done in a retro color scheme reminiscent of the game. I don't remember him being exactly that dark in the game, but I do really like the cel-shading look on ol' Robocop. The figure itself is the spring-loaded holster version, which is awesome, which will be housed in a videogame-style box. The figure will be limited to one production run and is rolling out in February 2014. I passed on the Jason and Freddy 8-bit repaints since I'm not really into those two characters, but I'll definitely be picking up Robocop. Check out more photos at NECA.

Part man, part machine, all blue-ish, or maybe kind of purple.

- Shawn - 10/24/13