Robotech: The Macross Saga

-TDK (2002)




Continuity be damned! The entire story of the Macross Saga is mashed into one teeny tiny shooter.

My Thoughts

I know I harp on a lot of shooters for having the same enemies over and over, but if thatís all thatís in the original source material, I donít mind. For Robotech on the GBA, the Veritech pilots will face-off against the Zentraedi fighters and the many variations of the infamous Battle Pods. The Officerís Pods, Female and Male Power Armors also make plenty of appearances for obliteration.

Eight of the ten levels are side scrolling, two of those solely being a simple boss encounter. The other two levels give Robotech fans something theyíve been waiting for, well, at least Iíve been waiting for it. These two levels let the player pilot one of the support vehicles that never got a lot of screen time in the show. Finally, you can pilot the Spartan, Raider X, Gladiator, and the mighty Excaliber Mk VI. These two levels are in a ĺ perspective, much like the old Battletech games for the Sega Genesis. To go along with the non-continuity of the game, each of the main pilots jumps into one of these support mechs just like they never did in the show to battle Zentraedi pods and landers. The only problem with these levels is that the tops of buildings can stop your progress, meaning you have to completely walk around a building no matter which way you go. Itís too bad that the support vehicles are only used in these two stages. This is something that should be expanded upon in a future Robotech game. There needs to be a Robotech game where all you are is a lowly soldier that pilots the support vehicles; maybe something like Mech Assault, but in the Robotech universe. That would be very cool.

At any time youíre able to transform the Veritechs into fighter, guardian, and battloid mode. The fighter mode moves the fastest; the battloid can slowly walk on the ground and allows the pilot to aim, and the guardian lies between the two. This gives the game a little variety in play styles, should you choose to utilize them.

While participating in the tiny epic battles, youíll come across power-ups for the Veritech such as lasers and spread, but they only last for maybe ten seconds, making their usefulness extremely limited.

The best part about this game is the unlockable ships, which gives the game a load of replay value. You start with five Veritechs to choose from, but unlock six very cool ships that Robotech fans will very much appreciate when completing the game. These include Roy Fokkerís Dragon II jet he flew before he was transferred to the SDF-1, Miriyaís Zentraedi Power Armor, and Rickís stunt plane. There will probably never be another Robotech game where youíll get to pilot these ships, so the game earns props for that. Each pilot has their own individual stats that, in a way, resemble their abilities in the show. As you finish stages youíre rewarded with experience points based on the number of enemies destroyed. You use these points to enhance the chosen pilotís skills, bringing a very slight RPG element to the game.

The endings are nothing more than a still picture of your chosen pilot. If youíve seen the show and know how things end up with the characters, then it may not be a big deal to you. Two of the pics are a bit morbid, however. Roy Fokkerís picture is of mere moments before his death and Benís pic is him eating his last meal. Morbid indeed.

Itís a little short and the scant two levels for the support mechs the game should have been greatly expanded upon, but Robotech fans will love it for the mech and ship rarities. The game remains fun if you donít mind the repetitiveness and the complete disregard for continuity.

Score: 7.0

Bonus Figure!!!

Robotech: The Macross Saga also includes a two inch super deformed figure of Maxís Veritech in battloid mode. It does not transform and has a whopping zero points of articulation. But, it stands proud in the face of games without additional useless goodies. Extra goodies are always appreciated, no matter the size, articulation count, or uselessness.

Max's Super Deformed Blue Veritech Battloid PVC: 5.5


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