Rockman Mini Get!

The prototypes were first revealed at Wonder Festival 2011 Winter, but now MegaHouse has is busting out all the figures their chibi Rockman figures. These are a part of their Game Characters Collection Mini line and will have a total of twelve different figures standing a mega-small 30mm. There's Rockman, Protoman, Roll, four Robot Masters of Elec Man, Air Man, Snake Man, and Skull Man, plus four Rockman variants in the aforementioned boss weapon colors. There will also be a secret character (Rockman sans helmet, maybe) that includes an E-Tank. The Rockman in the center of the picture has a little chain on it, so these may actually be cell phone charms or key chain buddies. Regardless, those Robot Masters look amazing. I need that mini Skull Man. Possibly the other Robot Masters, too.

If MegaHouse plans on going through the entire Rockman boss library it'll probably be a while before they get to your favorite if they only release four at a time. They better get their mini figure machines mega-crackin' then. These will be available in June in Japan with a suggested price of 399 and will probably be blind-boxed. (via Protodude's Rockman Corner)

There should be a whole line just of the mini Robot Masters.

- Shawn - 3/9/11