Rotobox Panda-Z: Too Awesome for Mass Production

I had never heard of Rotobox before today, but now I can add them to my list of super-cool toy companies that I will never, ever own anything from. Rotobox's latest creation is the awesome Panda-Z and is limited to 1. Just 1. If you don't know what Panda-Z is, it's a series of episodes that are only a few minutes in length and star a cute Panda who pilots a giant robo-Panda. Well, Rotobox made a vinyl figure of Panda-Z from a Robotars resin figure. Since I love learning about new things, this is also the first time I've heard of Robotars. From what I can tell, Rotobars are resin figures that get customized for the Robotars Custom Show in the Philippines. Anyways, this Robotars Panda-Z by Rotobox is awesome and very detailed; just check out that cockpit. You absolutely must to take a look at the rest of their projects, because they are making so of the most amazing vinyl figures around, especially their Devastator, which is easily the coolest vinyl I've ever seen. (via Tomopop)

The limited 1/1 might that is Panda-Z.

- Shawn - 2/22/10