Ryu Jin

-Taito (1993)



The Story:

A massive spaceship has laid its eggs of destruction on the planets in your local star system. Now every planet is under the chaos of these insectoid alien forces. Itís time to crank up your subwoofers and take out the aliens with your bass pounding industrial shooter music. If thereís one thing insects canít stand, itís the big booming bass blasting about the land.  



My Thoughts:

When you start Ryu Jin youíll notice four very different ships with varying weapons and cool sounding names. The traditional blue starfighter Sword Breaker lays down fireball bombs for its special attack. The green Vaulge, which looks like a big jetpack, has a lightning volt. The purple Phalcyon has a wave attack special and a matching look for its name, especially in the cockpit area. The final ship is, oh no, itís a red helicopter Ė a red helicopter from the future that fights spaceships and flies through space. Makes sense, this does not. At least it has a cool name: Shamseel. Its big weapon is a flash bomb. 

Each ship fires its own unique looking spread vulcan and laser shots which, of course, get more powerful when you collect power-ups. You can hold down the fire button to charge up your cannons and release a bigger, more powerful attack. Whatís good about this is that it only takes a second to charge it up. You will obtain option power-ups that attach or rotate around your ship and a ďBIGĒ power-up. When you collect the BIG you get BIG. Just like the inexplicable way that Transformers randomly change size, your ship becomes huge. The larger ship is invincible when super-sized and can shoot rapid fire with larger lasers. If Schwarzenegger had a helicopter all pumped up on BIG juice this would "get to da choppa" a whole new meaning. Back in the ship's normal size it can also shoot rapidly, but only by continually hitting the button. When you do though, your ship oddly pulsates. Maybe itís from the bass thumping soundtrack this game offers your ears. This has some hard industrial and a little techno for its soundtrack and itís actually pretty good. Much of it reminds me of KMFDM, except one of the songs gets really bad. The music for stage three starts off fine but then a way-too-happy riff chimes in. Fierce pumping, rage fueling industrial and cheesy cheery happiness do not mix. 

The stages are a little different than the normal shooter levels. It seems each planet in your star system has a theme. Thereís the oriental mountain planet, the space-age moon planet, the normal planet, a water planet, the planet with lush green plant life, and finally space. On each world you will fight similar insectoid ships and machines, but each planet does have a few unique enemies. For example; the oriental world lets you fight a giant swordsman and dragon statues, and the plant world has some flower blossom looking ships. You also fight a mini boss in each stage. These are bigger tougher creatures. All the bosses are big insectoid machines except for the lame birthday castle in stage five and the mother ship in the final stage. The game gets way too tough in the last couple of levels. Like the bosses, your ship does have a life bar, but that also means you only have one life.  Itíd be a good idea to play this with a friend so you can both see the horrible ending. 

*****Spoiler Alert*****

The ending shows your ship, all broken, bruised and nigh destroyed, drifting in space. So, after I saved the galaxy I just drift off in dark space and let my air supply run dry?  Thatís great.        

*****End Spoiler*****                

Score: 6.5     


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