SDCC '10: A Slice of DC Unlimited and DC Direct Figures

Mass Effect 2, Heavenly Sword, Killzone, Twisted Metal, and a Very Angry Cat

DC unlimited and DC Direct had a ton of figures on display for DC characters and their videogame licenses, but due to unforeseen camera problems, this is just a slice of what they had to offer.

The Mass Effect 2 figures all looked great. They all had good articulation and weren't stuck in any pre-posed stance. Series 1 includes Male Commander Shepard, Tali, Grunt, and Thane. All the figures were impressive, especially the previously unannounced Garrus figure. Garrus was quite impressive. Garrus and Mordin were on display and will be a part of Series 2 along with Legion, who was listed on the Series 2 display card. Considering that Legion is a Geth, fans could probably use the figure as a troop builder to have an army of Geth to use in Commander Shepard's favorite dioramas on the Citadel. Hopefully DC Unlimited will get to making a female Shepard of some kind to satisfy all the fem-Shep fans.

Bioware's other big current RPG had figures there too, but the Dragon Age: Origins figures weren't nearly as eye-catching as the ME2 figures.  Morrigan looked good, but unfortunatly I can see many fans passing on the Duncan, Genlock, and Loghain figures because there isn't really anything that differentiates them from other fantasy properties.

I was afraid that the Killzone figures wouldn't have any knee articulation and it looks like my fears were correct. The two Helghast troops are forever squatting in a battle against a poorly decided pre-pose. Likewise, the Nariko figure from Heavenly Sword is also in a squatty position. I don't get why these don't have knee articulation. Would it really add that much to the price of the figure? Twisted Metal's Sweet Tooth figure looks fine, but is made of the stuff that give people nightmares. The God of War III figures were just disappointing and looked to have even less articulation then the rest of the figures.

DC Direct had the Batman: Arkham Asylum figures on hand, which all looked good except for Batman himself. I still don't understand the decision to re-color his cowl, gloves and boots blue. It just looks off considering his cape is black and that those parts were also black in the game.

DC Direct also had a lot of figures from the Blackest Night storyline on display. The all looked good, but the best of these is the upcoming Red Lantern Mera. It's not because of Mera, though; it's the figure included with her that's so fantastic. Mera includes a figure of Red Lantern Dex-Starr, a blue cat filled with rage. I want the Mera figure just for that angry cat. Again, I apologize for that lack of some photos, but my camera was having unusual difficulties during my third day at SDCC. Don't worry, my camera is better now.

- Shawn - 8/1/10

So, do you think we'll get to see under Tali's mask in Mass Effect 3?

Grunt and the not female Commander Shepard figures.

Impressively, Mass Effect 2 Series 2 includes Garrus and Mordin.

ME2's Thane has a long coat, like any good assassin should.

Nariko from Heavenly Sword has lots of hair and an awkward pose.

I think DC Unlimited should make cars of the Twisted Metal vehicles next.

The Red Lantern Mera figure is fine and all, but the big selling point is...

...Dex-Starr, the most pissed-off cat in the universe.

Dragon Age: Origins Morgan looks bored.

It's a bonus shot of Harley Quinn with her hyenas statue.

This explains why the Helghast keep losing; They can't bend their knees!