SDCC '10: Awkward Moment / Awesome Moment Featuring Artgerm

One thing I always do at any convention I attend is I bring along my Street Fighter and/or Darkstalkers Tribute art books from Udon. When I'm not off on assignments I give myself at SDCC, I enjoy meeting the countless talented artists who contributed to the books and sometimes find out what inspired them for the piece. One artist who I had not yet was Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, whose name I noticed on the Artists' Alley list for SDCC 2010.

There were six people standing at his table. I stood with them and just watched as Artgerm drew a sketch for one of the girls there. He finished the sketch and the girl left with her two friends. A guy asked him about doing a sketch and I patiently waited my turn. As I waited it became clear that two of the people standing at the table were Artgerm's friends and just hanging out. As Artgerm was finishing with the guy in front of me, another guy came up and was excited that he found where Artgerm was sitting. I mean he was super immensely overly excited. This guy couldn't seem to stand still and was saying things to himself. He just wanted to ask something and it seemed like he was in a hurry to get elsewhere, so I let him ahead of me so he could ask his question. He asked Artgerm if he would be at his table from 4-5, or 5-6, I don't remember the exact time. Artgerm said he would and the rabid fan hurriedly blurted out the following: "Okay great I'll be back then... I love you!" and jetted off to wherever he was going.

That last part really stuck out and from the looks I saw Artgerm's friends give each other, I think they heard it, too. I'm not really sure that Artgerm heard him say that last part. If he did, he didn't give any indication. Now, I could understand if the fan said, "I love your work," or "I love your art," or something to that effect. Hey, he probably meant to say something like that.

I handed my book to him and he didn't sign it, no, he started to do a full head sketch next to the page his Chun Li piece was on. I was just standing there in awe. Of all the many signatures I've gotten in the book, no one had done an additional sketch in it just because. This seriously blew me away that he was doing a full head sketch and I didn't even ask him to. Maybe he does this in all the Street Fighter Tribute books he signs, but even so, it is incredibly awesome and generous of him to do so. I learned that not only is Stanley "Artgerm" Lau an amazing artist, but he's also super awesome to his fans. Check out more of his work over at deviantART. You'll love it.

Artgerm didn't have to do the extra Chun Li sketch, he just did. And some random guy is in love with him.

- Shawn - 7/26/10