SDCC '10: Cheaters and Bishoujo at Kotobukiya

At SDCC '10, Kotobukiya had some drawings where you could win awesome prizes. All you had to do was write your name and info on a slip of paper and drop it in a drop box that clearly said "one entry per person." They had a drawing for each regular day of the convention and you had to be there to claim your prize. I didn't know about this until after it happened on Thursday and I wasn't there for the Saturday or Sunday ones, so Friday was my only chance to see the kind of craziness that happens. Since I always covered panels the previous years, I hadn't been witness to what a random drawing was like at SDCC. Lots of people won, but maybe some others would have been the lucky winners if it wasn't for some dirty rotten cheaters.

The prizes for the Friday drawing were Lost Planet 2 figures, Marvel Bishoujo Dark Phoenix statues, some Star Wars statues, and a couple different Iron Man statues. The first name was drawn and the winner at the won a full set of all four Lost Planet 2 figures. Indeed, a cool prize to be had. The second name was drawn and... it was the same guy. People in the crowd relentlessly booed the guy who had a guilty look on his face. The Kotobukiya name drawer didn't give him the prize, but also didn't take away his first prize. The cheater left with his LP2 figures after that, but his name was actually drawn a third time later on. What's worse, is that this first cheater wasn't the only one; At least two others had their names drawn 2 - 3 times after they had already won something. Unfortunately, some cheaters do prosper at Comic-Con.

As for cool new stuff, Kotobukiya had a number of statues on display, but one of the real fan-favorites were the Marvel Bishoujo ladies (Bishoujo essentially means young & beautiful girl). These statues take the ladies of the Marvel universe and give them an anime/manga look. The redone characters retain the traits that make them recognizable as that character, but have a cute and sexy Japanese flavor. I was expecting the statues to actually be taller than the 6" - 7" they were thanks to that $60 price tag. The statues have proven to be very popular and Kotobukiya is actually beginning to make DC girls in the Bishoujo style, which will be available in January 2011. All the Bishoujo girls were on display along with placeholder sketches for the still-to-be-made Ms. Marvel, Black Cat, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman. Even if you don't like the Bishoujo girls, you have to admit that they are a bazillion time better than DC's usually miss Ame-Comi line.

- Shawn - 8/4/10

The Marvel girls have no time to save the world. They just want to have fun and talk about boys.

The upcoming DC ladies of Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line.

Bishoujo from above!

Man, these Lost Planet 2 figures are nice. I can't believe that cheater walked away with all four.

Rogue has something in her eye.

These two statues aren't Bishoujo, but the I like the defeated Sentinel theme between them.