SDCC '10 Cosplay Gallery

You've been patient as I've gone on about different stuff at SDCC, but now it's the time you've been waiting for, the cosplay of SDCC 2010. Not going to panels this year gave me the opportunity to photograph more cosplayers than previous years. This year's cosplay was all over the board. Videogames, comics, anime, movies, and other random things. People in Ghostbusters uniforms seemed to be the biggest costume this year because there were a ton. Since I didn't get to see that amazing Mass Effect 2 cosplay in person, I'll have to pick some other "winners" for this year. For the best girl this year I'm giving it to 1942 Cammy. Cammy is always a great choice for a costume, but this is a classier kind of Cammy that combines my love of shooters and my love of Street Fighter. 1942 Cammy made her debut on a T-Shirt for the shooter 1942: Joint Strike that had Cammy from Street Fighter dressed as a 1940s pin-up girl. I never expected to actually see anyone dress like that, but lo and behold I was at the Capcom booth and there I see 1942 Cammy. The next day she went all out as normal Cammy and showed her ass to the whole convention, but that has nothing to do with me awarding her best girl for her 1942 Cammy-ness. The next I should talk about is Pyramid Head in a black suit and tie with a rape clock. Okay, for those of you who haven't played Silent Hill 2, I should explain to you why this is funny. In the game you would open a door and you could randomly see Pyramid Head going at it with a quadruple-pair-of-legs monster thing. It was a most unexpected and kind of funny thing in the game, but it seriously takes balls of steel to walk abound a public place with a clock that only says rape on it. Another awesome costume was Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. It's actually a simple costume compared to many others, but you don't expect to see someone dressed as him. That guy gets best use of pure awesome. Alright, enough rambling, there are a lot of costumes down there. It's time to stop your grinning and drop your linen, here's the SDCC 2010 cosplay gallery. As always, click the pics to enlarge.

- Shawn - 8/8/10

1942 Cammy. She's classier than normal Cammy and has that vintage pin-up look. Best girl.

Now this is an awesome team-up. Black Widow, Aphrodite IX, Scorpion, and Black Costume Spider-Man. Best random group.

Pyramid Head has balls of steel to walk around a public event with a rape clock. These girls found it funny, at least.

The next day Cammy showed her assets in her normal fighting attire. She also gets best... pigtails? Sure why not.

Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes just rules. Best use of pure awesome. Good Tinkerbell, too.

Aw yeah, Man-At-Arms. Best moustache.

This Little Sister made her Big Daddy doll from her broken dreams. Best dirtiness.

A very excellent Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn.

Faye Valentine is only good if the girl can pull it off. She can.

Red Sonja is only this happy after she kills a man.

Are these the new Pokemon trainers? Note to self: play more Pokemon.

Original Pac-Man. Too good.

Voltron, Defender of SDCC.

This would be an amazing crossover. Power Rangers Vs. Voltron.

Still some cosplay love for Kitana.

Barriss Offee and... her Jedi lover?

Don't let Pyramid Head get near the Silent Hill Nurse.

A great vintage Captain America and... the Red Skull's mistress? Red Skull's daughter? Lady Skull?

Great job with the Gambit. Good Psylocke, too.

Harley Quinn and Kabuki(?) pucker up.

I wonder...

"You shall not pass! There be pornography at this booth."

"Seriously guys, there's porn here. Don't worry, though. I'll handle it."

Thank Buddy Christ, someone dressed as a character from a good Final Fantasy. Fran from FFXII.

This was cosplay I hadn't seen before. The White Queen with her diamond skin. Thanks for being a different Emma.

Some possibly evil chick for City of Heroes: Going Rogue.

I'm going for the easy joke here. She looks a little horny.

Good to see there's still some love for Death Note cosplay.

Some Succubus and the girl who murdered Minnie Mouse for her outfit.

Lay Hawkeye has some nice ink.

Cobra Commander takes the trooper out nerd shopping. Someone needs to carry the Commander's swag.

Zero Suit Samus likes to go pew pew.

Fox McCloud is the only acceptable furry. Ever.

Cobra Commander shields himself from the horrible smells and odors of SDCC.

What every little girl wants to be when they grow up: a half-nekkid Disney princess.

Death is looking good these days.

Female Raiden is good at cutting watermelons.

Rogue and... Iron Maiden? Would that be a good name for this female Iron Man?

Fem Flash and Green Lantern girl at the Mattel booth.

Hooray! War Machine made it to the front of the line! Too bad they're sold out of what he wants.

In the midst of the chaos of SDCC, ODST Mickey teaches a child how to read.

Jessica Rabbit couldn't figure out why her camera said it was still full after deleting a couple pictures.

This photo makes me laugh every time I see it because I can't tell if Hellcat is trying to look fierce or if she is smiling.

Well dressed Scarecrow and Poison Ivy with plant tattoos.

Sue Storm did something different with her hair.

A puffy Bowser and a Piranha Plant from the Super Mario Bros. games.

Female Joker gives me nightmares.

Sock Monkey's mouth gives me nightmares.

A soldier hugs Blastoise. I wonder if it's that one kid.

Tonight, on Sexy Cops...

The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland does not have diamond hard skin like that other White Queen.

Lady Death appeared to promote her return to comics.

I found him!

Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. Chris is not as insanely ripped as in the game, but that's probably good.

Another Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn.

Vash loves Coca-Cola. You should, too. Or Vash will shoot you.

You get one Mandalorian this time.

Hey, even Mystique needs glasses sometimes.

One ticket for Sky Cab, please. A window seat is preferred.

What does this Green Hornet girl do on her off time? Only the Shadow Trooper knows.

This Mystique is starting to look a little melty by the end of the day.


I think Spider-Man is wearing a chest piece, but at least he looks good. Black Cat is always nice.

It's Zangief from Street Fighter High. Also the only acceptable time for a guy to wear only briefs.

Team Rocket has no chance against those new Goth Pokemon trainers above.

Rock out with the Force out Trooper.

The old guy with an eye patch in a NASA outfit was very unexpected.

Chef Vader figured out how to make Star Wars fanboys love him; Jar Jar's head on a silver platter.

Is this a 1950s harlot version of Corpse Bride?

Alice and Cheshire Cat browsing the SDCC wonders.

Later, Alice and White Rabbit eat it.

This R2 unit had a bad motivator until these two showed up.

All cosplay regulars. Fem Flash, Lady Punisher, Batgirl, Domino, Arkham Asylum Scarecrow, and Wonder Woman.

Tron: Legacy lady and a bad-ass Light Cycle.

Lord Vader is sad that the dark side of the Force doesn't work on Buddy Christ.

When they're bustin' everybody feels good.

Sorry Pac Man, but you can't wait here before the time on your ticket.

Pac Man and the ghosts would run around the convention floor and stop from time to time for people to get photos.

It's always great to see the G.I. Joe cosplay regulars. Tomax and Xamot, comic colors Scarlett, Baroness, and Cover Girl.

Baron Von Ünderbeit, The Monarch, Queen Monarch, Sgt. Hatred.. and a Team Fortress guy? How'd he get in there?

Duck Hunt cosplay. He should really be shooting the dog.

These Gatchaman girls look old enough to know what Gatchaman is. Great job, ladies.

Morrigan, Scarlett Witch, and two Lolita's.

Green Hornet girls. Standing.

The not quite as mighty Avengers. And Green Lantern.

A bunch of Executioners walked the floor for Resident Evil: Afterlife like the Alice clones did for RE: Extinction years ago.

First time I've seen Ruby Rhod cosplay. Seen Leeloo lots of times, but still cool.

"Comic-Con is a meeting ground for greedy sycophant fanboys."

I don't know what this guy is.

An Airborne Clone Trooper made a soft buddy.

You get one photo of Victorian Steampunk. One.

He's Batman. She's Batgirl. I'm leaving.

Matty is incredibly creepy in real life.

Hey, a Whiplash that isn't super gross looking like Mickey Rourke. And some girl in purple.

Big Daddy and a Hit Girl that's older than 10.

This knight wants you to join his Dungeons & Dragons club.

This knight is looking for the bathroom.

This knight wants to slice his arm off and install a Mega Man arm cannon.

This dude would almost fit in a Mad Max movie.

Gold Cylon poses by your command.

Meryl and Johnny Sasaki from Metal Gear Solid 4 get in some shopping time.

Han Solo and Barberella just need a beer.

"Damn my Manipede hands!"

Baroness and random devil girl.

I don't know who either of these ladies are.

Not Han Solo in carboardonite.

One of these girls is expendable.

Tuxedo Mask scores himself a kitty cat maid.

The Final Fantasy XIII girls can't be saving the world all the time, they need their fix of half-naked men, too.

"Confucius say cosplay babes are good for soul, but no one wants to see flab over tights."

Water Twins or something with some masked dude.

Final Fantasy XIII cosplay that's halfway there. Great attitudes, though.

A librarian for something that may involve an all girls school.

This Imperial was making sure people didn't grab too many condiments.

Saw traps. Clever.

When Captain America wields his mighty shield, Black Widow and her chastity must yield. Or so I hear.

I think this is a Harry Potter fan-fic.

Sailor Moon Dude and that Succubus girl again.

Middle-aged Magdalena still fighting the good fight.

A kind of pumpkin head Frankenstein thing.

Someone's undead mom.

I didn't know Jack was such a Naruto fan.

This Pyramid Head is not nearly as funny or prone to raping as the other one.

I don't know who the guy is dressed as, but he held up his iPad like a hipster douche.

Red masked guys. With guns. And long coats.

I think this guy just threw a bunch of stuff together.

Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, also known as an incredibly lazy costume.

This is not Naughty Bear. This is a Battle Bear, whatever that is.

These Metal Gear Solid cosplayers will see you off. See you next year, Snake.