SDCC 2010 Exclusives List (Updated)

Update 2 (7/17/10): More things have been announced and more photos uploaded, but much of it does not appear on Comic-Con's list. This update has awesome exclusives from Capcom, more from Hasbro, plus Toys 'R' Us/Entertainment Earth. Scroll to the bottom to see more exclusives at SDCC or click those links.

Update 1 (7/6/10): Some new things were added to Comic-con's not-quite master list and elsewhere, so I've updated here with some new things like Macross, Voltron, a Skelanimals Hellboy, another hardcover from Udon, beans, ninjas, Tuttz, and photo links! The newness is towards the bottom.

Original (7/3/10): Comic-Con has finally posted their almost comprehensive list of exclusives available at their big nerd convention this year. There are a few things missing from their list, but here are some highlights including one of the most ridiculous SDCC exclusives ever. You can see the full list here.

Transformers G1 Blaster with Cassettes: The Decepticons' re-release of G1 Soundwave was so successful last year that the Autobots had to step up by bringing back boom box master Blaster for this year. He includes his cassette buddies Steeljaw, Ramhorn, and Eject. $49.99 / limited to ???.

Sgt. Slaughter Figures: Sgt. Slaughter returns in G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary style figures. There will be the regular USA shirt figure and the less-produced military shirt variant. The real Slaughter will also be at the Hasbro booth. $12.99 ea. / limited to ???.

BioShock 2 Big Sister Eleanor with Saved Little Sister: The spoiler-ific Big Sister without her helmet and a normal Little Sister. $20 / limited to 2000. Photo

Purple Tron Be@rbrick: Awesome. $?? / limited to 1500.

Tron Vintage Figure: A figurine of Tron in the classic pose inside a Tron arcade machine style box. Good stuff. $40 / limited to 1500.

Tron Legacy Die cast Light Cycle: A 1/60 scale Light Cycle. Cheap and cool. $5 / limited to 3000.

Stormtrooper 12-inch Vintage Figure: This is a 12" version of the original Kenner Stormtrooper figure. It's "fully articulated" in that it has all four points of articulation like the original. It even comes on a 1980s-style Empire Strikes Back blister card. $85 / limited to 1500. Photo

ThunderCats Lion-O Polyresin Statue: It's a cool statue of Lion-O, except that the Sword of Omens isn't at full length. If you're going to get a Lion-O statue you'd most likely want the Sword of Omens at full length. $60 / limited to 500.

Color Change Orko: Orko makes his debut in the Masters of the Universe Classics line and includes a Prince Adam figure. I'd rather have a regular-colored Orko than a color-change one. $25 / limited to ???. Photo

Mo-Larr Vs. Skeletor: The Robot Chicken sketch is made into an actual figure two-pack. Skeletor gets a tooth removed by Eternain Dentists Mo-Larr. $50 / limited to ???. Photo

Arkham Asylum Battle-Damaged Batman: Get a Batman: Arkham Asylum figure months before they actually come out. There's no picture yet, but let's hope he doesn't have all that blue on him. Update: Yes, he does have blue on him. There wasn't any blue on him in the game, so what the hell, DC Direct? He also doesn't look that battle-damaged. Only a few scratches and dirty knees? Meh. $20 / limited to 4000. Photo

90's X-Men Minimates set: This set has four of the X-Men in costumes during the 90's. It's got the first ever Jubilee Minimate, shirtless and battle-damaged Wolverine, Magneto in his purple M outfit sans helmet, and a new Bishop. $16.99 / limited to 2000. Photo

Justice League Starro Pack: The evil space Starfish called Starro is made into a bendy toy and includes 3&3/4" figures of the Flash, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman. If you're lucky you may also get a pack of Starro spores to put on the faces of your 6" DC figures. $50 / limited to ???.

Rob Liefeld's X-Force Minimates Set: Rob Liefeld seems to be one of the most dis-liked artists of comic fans for his ridiculous depictions of the human form, yet he still keeps getting work. This is a set containing four of the original X-Force members of Deadpool, Domino, Feral, and Cable. Apparently you can get Liefeld to autograph the set at the show. $17 / limited to 2000. Photo

Predators Cloaked Berserk Predator: Another cloaked Predator joins the tradition of SDCC cloaked predator figures. $20 / limited to 2000. Photo

Gamera DVD/Postcard Bundle: If you buy a Gamera DVD you get a set of 8 limited Gamera postcards. $20 / limited to 200.

Mega Lo-Tron: No, this isn't a new form of Megatron, this is a monster form Voltron for the Voltron miniatures game. I do like the name, though. $15 / limited to 250. Photo

Gundam 00 Raiser Clear Color version: The 00 Raiser form Gundam 00 has transparent parts so you can see the inner workings of the model. It also has three LED lights on the GN drives to spice it up. This color transparent plastic is much cooler looking than the usual clear white Gundam models at the show. $60 / limited to 300. Photo

Bandai Injection Machine: This is probably the most ridiculous SDCC exclusive I've ever seen. It's a 1/60 scale model of the injection machine used to make Gundam models. Let me rephrase that: IT'S A MODEL OF A MACHINE USED TO MAKE GUNDAM MODELS. As ridiculous as this is, at only 135 pieces this thing is going to sell out fast. $8 / limited to 135.

HG Gundam Exia Repair 2 Metallic Version: A metallic version of this 1/144 scale Gundam. $15 / limited to 360. Photo

Sangokuden Chou-un + Hiesen Gundam night Battle Color Version: It's an SD Gundam on a Gundam Horse with a giant lance. And it's an exclusive color. $12 / limited to 252. Photo

Hot Wheels Wonder Woman Invisible Jet: So, this is just an empty package, right? Update: Yes, this is indeed an empty package. $5 / limited to ???. Photo

Gears of War Jace figure: Jace from the excellent Gears of War comic gets a figure. $20 / limited to 2000. Photo

EVA-01 Test Type Nigh Combat Version: It's the EVA-01 from Evangelion 2.0, but with a slightly different "night glow" paint job. Yeah, not much of a difference from the regular figure, but it's the first Evangelion exclusive at SDCC, so it'll sell out fast.$35 / limited to 600. Photo

Guardian Predator: Hot Toys' exclusive Predator figure from Predator 2. Hyper-detailed, awesome, and pricey. $184.99 / limited to ???. Photo

Walter Simonson T-Rex T-Shirt: It's a T-shirt with a T-Rex sketch by Walter Simonson. A must-buy if you can get one. $30 / Very Limited.

Star Wars Insider Han Solo in Carbonite Cover: I haven't read Star Wars Insider in years, but this cover is really cool. This 100-page issue is a tribute to the Empire Strikes Back. $?? / limited to ???. Photo

TMNT Mouser Comiquette: Here's a sweet Mouser to add to the amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comiquettes. $89.99 / limited to 250. Photo

The Venture Brothers Henchman 21 and Henchman 24 figures: The Henchman figures are retro Mego style. Both Henchmen are being sold separately $20 ea. / limited to ???.

Star Fleet IWG Vinyl figures: Cute animals + Star Trek uniforms + Tribbles = sell out. $50 ea. / limited to 300 ea. Photo

Devil Bacon: Apparently this is from Mr. Toast. It's a plush bacon with devil horns. Any fan of bacon will probably like this. $10 / limited to1000. Photo

Terminator 2 Liquid Metal T-1000: The T-1000 in his silver liquid metal form with lots of parts to re-create his morphing in the movie. $20 / limited to 1000. Photo

Hot Wheels Ecto-1: A super-detailed 1:64 Ecto 1. $20 / limited to ???. Photo

Dr. Manhattan 14" Heroclix: I hope he's not naked. $99.99 / limited to 504. Photo

Darkwing Duck #1: This SDCC exclusive cover is a parody of the classic The Dark Knight Returns cover. $10 / limited to 500. Photo

Lady Death Premiere: Lady Death is being re-launched and the first issue is FREE. Limited to 5000. Photo

White Phoenix Bishoujo Statue: It's the anime/manga-ified Phoenix, but in white. $59.99 / limited to 500. Photo



Macross Zentradi Tactical Battlepod Vinyl: This version of the already snazzy Battlepod Vinyl is re-colored in the movie color of... puke green? Sold! $35 / limited to 1000.

Vehicle Voltron Vinyl: Like last year's Voltron Vinyl, Vehicle Voltron will come in metallic and designer variants. Will this sell out as fast because it's the crappy Vehicle Voltron? Metallic: $40 / limited to 1000. Designer: $50 / limited to 300.

Skelanimals/Hellboy Marcy Plush: The monkey Skelanimal is wearing Hellboy's hand, sawed-off horns, and jacket. This is unbelievably awesome for Skelanimals fans and Hellboy fans. $40 / limited to 1000. Photo

Mamashiba Beans: What the heck are these... bean things? They're certainly cute, whatever they are. There are five different beans and are apparently a Japanese sensation. $5 ea. / limited to ???. Photo


Not Listed on SDCC's List (Updated)

The Art of Darksiders Hardcover: Udon will be selling a special hardcover edition of their Darksiders art book. $?? / limited to ???.

Marvel Universe Galactus Figure: This is a huge Galactus to fight your 3&3/4" Marvel figures. It even comes on a giant card. $?? / limited to ???. Photo on Hasbro list.

Glow-in-the-Dark Stay Puft Marshmallow Man: This is still being sold at SDCC, right? $?? / limited to ???.

Vent Hardcover Edition: Vent features original art and stories from the talented folks at Udon. This hardcover will be the book's premiere before the regular soft cover hits stores. $?? / limited to ???. Preview

NinjaTown Ninjas: Shawnimals NinjaTown sees lots of exclusive love with Yeti Ninja Beach Bum ($45 / limited to 50), Yeti Ninja Midnight ($45 / limited to 50), and a Trees of Doom 2-pack ($35 / limited to 100). Photos

Orange Tuttz: Argonaut Resin's slick cat resins will be in exclusive orange colors at SDCC via Dragatomi. There are six different versions of the blind-boxed orange Tuttz. After these there will never be another Tuttz in orange. $?? / limited to ???. Photo

Marvel Super Hero Squad 3-Pack: I was going to pass this up until I saw Dr. Doom wearing a bathrobe and Fing Fang Foom slippers. I'll be getting rid of Iron Man and Mayor figures, 'cause all I care about is Doom. $12.99 / limited to ???. Photo on Hasbro list.

Halo Reach Noble Seven Figure: McFarlane Toys' debut Halo Reach figure is the "off-screen" character Noble Seven.

Servbot Bobble Bud: SOTA's debut Bobble Bud is the loveable Servbot. $?? / limited to 1000.

Okami Three Wolf God Moon T-Shirt: This awesome shirt can only be won by raffle at the Capcom booth.

Mega Man Universe Foam Mega-Buster: It's like a giant foam hand, but is Mega Mans buster arm. These will be given away at the Capcom booth, 50 every hour, and are limited to 2000. Photo here.

Darth Maul & Owen Lars Figure/Comic 2-Pack: Darth Maul has robot legs? When did Darth Maul get robot legs? So this means Maul didn't actually die when he was sliced in half? Damn expanded universe. $14.99 / limited to ???. Photo on Hasbro list.

Robot Chicken Nerd: The Nerd from Robot chicken wearing an SDCC 2010 T-Shirt. It's like an immortalization of many of the people going to the show. $?? / limited to ???. Photo

Battle Beasts Golden Gator: This was given out at Toy Fair, but will also be given to the first 1000 purchasers at the Diamond Select booth.

Masterpiece Grimlock: Grimlock is not an SDCC exclusive, but he'll be available at the show at the Entertainment Earth booth before you can buy him in Toys 'R' Us stores. Uh, do Toys 'R' Us rewards card work at SDCC?

- Shawn