SDCC '10: GI Joe and Transformers at the Hasbro Booth

And a Little Star Wars

I've covered the exclusives of and my experience at HasbroToyShop, but here's a look at some of the G.I. Joe and Transformers goods at the Hasbro booth. Most of the stuff that was on display was already out, or will be out within the next couple weeks. There were a few things that won't be out for at least a couple months yet, and some cool figures that won't be out until next year.

G.I. Joe: The bland G.I. Joe movie figures are still clogging up some toys shelves, but the new Pursuit of Cobra figures are slowly trickling into stores. Hasbro had all the current or soon-to-be-current figures on display, which was all well and good, but the really cool stuff isn't coming until later this year or in 2011. Even though the Pursuit of Cobra line kind of continues the story from the movie, the figures are more like the 25th Anniversary style than the crappy movie style. Many of the new figures come with a ton of accessories, too. It was good to hear that some fans I talked to said that G. I Joes are worth collecting again.

Transformers: As for Hasbro's Transformers on display, everything cool is either already out, or will be soon. The Generations line is where the really good stuff is at for the current Transformers toys. This includes the War for Cybertron figures and the new close-to-Generation 1 versions of Drift, Thrust, Dirge, Blurr, Red Alert and, Darkmount. The War for Cybertron Megatron and Soundwave should be out very soon, but if they're as difficult to find as the Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, well, it may be awhile before you actually see them. One thing I thought was weird were the Transformers Stealth Force. Basically, the Transformers are all in their vehicle modes, but it looks like with a push of a button guns and weapons pop out of doors and hoods and such. These seem a lot like the old M.A.S.K. vehicles, which is neat and all, but I'd much rather see the actual M.A.S.K. vehicles return over Transformers M.A.S.K. vehicles. The cars can't even transform, so half the fun is gone. On a brighter note, and I mean bright, BigBadToyStore's eye-searingly awesome G1 Seacons were on display, as well as the king of Transformers toys, Masterpiece Grimlock. Oh yes, Grimlock is the king, baby.

Star Wars: Admittedly, I've kind of lost touch with Star Wars figures. The only things that have really interested for the past couple years are the recent Empire Strikes Back vintage-style figures. Oh, and the new bigger AT-AT. That things is so awesome. There was a big diorama featuring two of these bad boys. I just glanced at the Star Wars figures on display so I couldn't say what was new, but if you are a Star Wars fan I can tell you to buy that new AT-AT.

- Shawn - 8/3/10

I'm getting a real Ninja Gaiden vibe from Storm Shadow here.

A nameless shock trooper with a sweet Cobra shield.

It's classic Snake Eyes, but new.

Low Light's sniper rifle breaks apart and fits in the case. Awesome.

Even I feel Duke has way too much firepower.

Destro has one of the best accessories ever: a suitcase full of cash.

The giant vintage Boba Fett card that people could have their photo taken in.

Oh Alley Viper, how we love you so.

Too bad the hard-to-find Cobra Commander figure is the movie version.

Hail to the King, baby.

Megatron from the amazing War for Cybertron game.

Seriously, the game rules. Here's Soundwave.

Skydive is ready to jet set.

New G.I. Joe vehicles with some 25th Anniversary figures.

The new Striker and HISS tank.

The new Snow Cat and Ice Cutter.

Those bigger, better AT-ATs are where it's at.

Not sure how I feel about the mechs yet, but that new more Hummer-like Vamp is cool.

Thrust, Dirge, and Red Alert in more traditional G1 styling.

A new Blurr, Darkmount (who is kind of a triple-changer), and the rad-ass Drift.

Seacons assaulting your retinas.

So these are just M.A.S.K., but not as good, right?