SDCC '10: Halo Reach

McFarlane Toys, Square Enix, Minimates, and More.

McFarlane Toys: I was hoping that McFarlane Toys' Halo figures would have a bigger display case presence than last year's SDCC, but they really didn't. The Halo: Reach figures and vehicles were in two small cases on the inside of the Diamond Distributors booth. One case held the awesome Warthog and Ghost with a few Reach figures, while the other case held some of the packaged Reach figures. What you see in the photos is really all there was except for an Elite on display in the packaged figures case, but due to the placement of the cases it was damn near impossible to get a decent photo of it unless you had a small camera and reached in between them. My camera is not small. The main draw was the awesome McFarlane Toys Warthog. The Warthog is in-scale to the figures and is actually a bit bigger than I thought it would be. The thing has got to be at least $50 when it comes out, if not more. Overall the presentation was disappointing. They really missed an opportunity to set up a cool battle scene, like what Hasbro always does with their G.I. Joe and Star Wars dioramas. It's not like they didn't have the space, because there was plenty of room for a decent diorama at the booth. At least they had the Warthog and Ghost on display.

Square Enix: When I went to the Square Enix booth, I was expecting to see the usual mix of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, more Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid figures, and possibly some Final Fantasy. What I did not expect to see were Halo: Reach figures. Man, I though McFarlane had the Halo action figure license on lock-down, but since Square Enix is based out of Japan I guess they can make them too if Bungie feels the need for more licensing cash. Six Play Arts Kai prototypes were on display at the Square Enix booth, three of them painted. On display was the main Noble team in Halo: Reach: noble Six, Emile, Jorge, Jun, Carter, and Kat. These look freaking amazing. The Play Arts Kai figures are almost twice the size of McFarlane toys figures, so the amount of detail that they on these was already quite impressive.

Minimates: Then, on a different side of the Halo figure spectrum we have the Halo Minimates from Diamond Select. Man, I am digging the look of these. Diamond Select had on display a ton of Halo Minimates on display with a bunch of Spartan variants, Elites, and a Brute and Jackals, which I hadn't seen before. Many of these should be out in the Fall with a few figure packs being Toys 'R' Us exclusives. They also had three Minimates Warthogs; a regular one, a dirty or possibly battle damaged Warthog that will be exclusive to Toys 'R' Us, and an arctic Warthog. The Warthogs are tiny, but fully featured in that they can comfortably fit three Minimates figures and roll around in mini-battles.

Also on display at the Diamond booth were some new Halo RC toys and more Halo Mega Bloks, including a life-size Master Chief made out of Mega Bloks. All the Halo stuff wasn't regulated to the Diamond booths, though. Over at the NECA booth were new Halo ActionClix. Apparently people still play it because there are some new Halo: Reach Clix arriving soon. I'm sure plenty of Halo fans will love them.

And the Halo: Reach Panel? Due to a conference I was unable to attend, but you can watch it for yourself, which I recommend, because there are a lot of cool things that were announced at Comic-Con.

- Shawn - 7/27/10

They really needed to make some cool battle display with the Halo: Reach figures, especially with the Warthog on display.

I never really realized that the Ghost had a honeycomb pattern on it until I saw this. A larger scale will show you that.

The Warthog is seriously huge when you see it in person.

Ghost in your face action!

Full frontal Warthog close-up!

Noble Six in his natural packaging.

Jorge and Emile.

The Spartan Mark V and Elite Ultra 2-Pack.

Look at all those Halo Minimates coming out.

The Minimates Warthog: tiny, mighty, and kind of cute.

There's even going to be an arctic Minimates Warthog.

Do people still play the ActionClix?

Ghostly helmet face Emile gets the Play Arts Kai treatment.

The Toys 'R' Us exclusive dirty Minimates Warthog.

Square Enix's Play Arts Kai Jun.

The prototype for Kat, you know, that female Spartan with the tiny robot arm.

P.A.K. prototype for Carter.

And the P.A.K. prototype for Jorge.

Of course we can't forget Noble Six.

Mega Bloks Master Chief; still not as sturdy as a Lego Master Chief.

More Halo RC for those that wanted to control a Ghost and Hornet with helicopter blades.