SDCC '10: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker by Square Enix

Also a Little Front Mission and Final Fantasy XIII

After getting over the surprise of seeing Play Arts Kai Halo: Reach figures at the Square Enix booth, I took a look at what I went there for in the first place, the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker figures and vehicles. These Snake figures are incredible and are easily the best MGS figures yet. I thought there was only one Snake figure and the four vehicles, but there are actually three Snake figures. There is the Snake in the Sneaking Suit, Snake in Jungle Fatigues, and a Snake Version Zero which was like the Sneaking Suit version, but had a slightly different paint deco and a yellow shield. The Version Zero Snake was out of stock by the time I saw it on the second day, so hopefully it's not a sign of that one being a more difficult figure to obtain for you completists. The four A.I. vehicles of Pupa, Basilisk, Chrysalis, and Cocoon were also quite impressive in person. Cocoon is freaking massive, though, and will have a huge price attached to it (I hear it'll be around $200). Expect these Metal Gear Solid figures and vehicles to be nuking your bank account soon, if they haven't already.

The Metal Gear fun doesn't end with Metal Gear, though. In the upcoming Front Mission Evolved game, you'll be able to customize your mechs with Metal Gear Solid gear. Of course, this awesome feature also spills into the toy lines. The Play Arts Kai Front Mission Evolved mechs will have interchangeable weapons with the MGS: Peace Walker vehicles for some nice customizing options.

The Square Enix booth experience isn't complete without a look at some Final Fantasy stuff. Once again, all the Final Fantasy XIII figures were on display along with the Shiva sisters, separate and in sexy scissor bike mode. Seen as an unpainted prototype at least year's SDCC, the FFXIII Odin figure was finished and displayed in both his warrior and mega-horse modes. The My Little Pony crowd that plays Final Fantasy should love it.

- Shawn - 7/29/10

Version Zero Snake snuck out of stock quietly using stealthy sell out action.

Snake! You're at Comic-Con! Snnaaaaaaake!

Snake in his greener Jungle Fatigues.

The deadly flying A.I. Chrysalis.

The enormous and awesome Cocoon.

Pupa is the tank type, which is very reminiscent of the Shagohod from MGS3.

Go, Basilisk! I choose you!

The Front Mission Evolved mechs that have interchangeable weapons with the Metal Gears.

Odin's Little Pony is himself (He transforms into this in FFXIII).

Shiva scissor bike sister 1.

Odin can't be ridden all day. You've got to let him do some fighting on his own.

Shiva scissor bike sister 2.