SDCC '10: Miscellaneous Sights and Displays Gallery

Here are a bunch of photos of cool things that I didn't talk about in my other SDCC 2010 articles. This gallery contains some videogame stuff, Voltron, Tron: Legacy, Gundam, ThunderCats, Outer Space Men, random celebrity sightings, and more.

- Shawn - 8/8/10

Thomas Jane is gettin' the hell out of SDCC 2010.

An awesome life-size Kenshiro statue at the Future booth.

The custom arcade machine for Abobo's Big Adventure.

The extra tall and extra leggy bronze Fathom statue.

The prototype of a Mystic Seer that will hopefully actually work.

Otomedius at SDCC is excellent.

The vinyl Voltron and the large Shogun Warriors version.

Lion Voltron is still better than Vehicle Voltron.

The very big and very pink Char's Zaku is at SDCC again.

A statue of Monkey from Ninja Theory's Enslaved game.

Trip is also from Enslaved and is a total bitch in the game.

For comparison: the big 1/68 Gundam RX-78 vs. the much smaller 1/144 scale.

One of the Four Horsemen's upcoming Symbiotech figures. It's a kitty-cat!

People could walk up stairs and look out onto the crowd when the big Red Faction: Armageddon mech opened up.

The Red Faction mech opening to reveal whoever is inside. Probably some little kid.

LL Cool J is there to sign stuff and knock people out.

The huge Iron Monger armor on display at SDCC again.

A statue for something at the Weta booth.

Does this guy fly in the movie? I bet he flies.

The Tron Vintage Figure doesn't look quite as impressive against a camera with a powerful flash. It's still cool, though.

Is this Blu Eye White Dragon or some other crappy monster from Yu Gi Oh?

The Sam figure from Tron: Legacy.

This might be the young Jeff Bridges figures.

This guy might be a nameless drone.

As seen on Friday morning, not even two full days into SDCC.

This costume creeped me out, especially when it winked at me. AAAAHHHHHH!!! RUN AWAY!!!

"ThunderCats! HOOOOO! Oh wait, that's not right..."

"Dude, the Orko figure sold out already!"

Toynami's Macross display shows another limited edition puke green Battlepod. Where will that be sold?

The unpainted prototype for the Thunder Claw Staticon.

The prototypes for the Jackal Man and Jaga Staticons.

Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade are serious about Comic-Con. Their stock boy approves of seriousness.

Billy Dee Williams at the Gentle Giant booth.

There's a Voltron miniatures game and it looks awesome.

The original Outer Space Men figures were kept in a protective briefcase.

The SDCC exclusives of the new Outer Space Men and the test shot prototypes.

The painted prototypes for wave 1 of the new Outer Space Men figures.

The Rockin' Android booth was rockin'. Good for them.

A huge Gundam GP-01 model.

The Walking Dead is going to be amazing.

Odin's throne from the Thor movie.

People who went inside these Alien Anthology pods watched something for a couple minutes and were given a Face Hugger T-shirt.

Toynami has something new called Tikitz. They're cute tiki things that apparently grant wishes.

The life-size Iron Man armors are back.

More figures from the Symbiotech line.

The bigger and better Lego Imperial Shuttle.

I completely forgot that GameFan was coming back, but now I'm excited again.

A part of the Tron: Legacy booth.

The smaller-sized Tron: Legacy figures.

The blue Light Cycle.

Tron: Legacy buggy car.

Some kind of cross between a Light Cycle and a Tron car.

The orange Light Cycle has a little extra armor.