Borderlands, BioShock 2, Predators, and Gears of War, but no Street Fighter IV

NECA had on display pretty much what I was expecting at SDCC 2010. There were current and upcoming figures for BioShock 2, Gears of War, and Predators, plus a painted prototype of their sweet Claptrap figure from Borderlands. Curiously not on display were any new Street Fighter IV figures. Is NECA not going to continue their SFIV line? Many fans didn't feel they were as great as the SOTA figures, but they were still good and seemed to sell well in my area. There are plenty of SFIV characters that have yet to become an action figure, so for the sake of satisfying the El Fuerte, Seth, and Rufus fans I hope they will continue with these.

Borderlands: NECA's Borderlands figures consists solely of Claptrap, but that's entirely okay because of how awesome Claptrap is. Borderlands has Claptrap 'bots all over the place, so you could have a Claptrap army if you so desired. The figure looks to retain the cel-shaded look from the game and the final figure will supposedly have a voice ship with sounds and phrases. I believe I speak for every Borderlands fan when I say that, "Look at me! I'm dancin'! I'm dancin'!" had better be one of the phrases. Maybe if the Claptrap figure does well, NECA will make other figures from Borderlands, too.

Claptrap might be dancin'!

BioShock 2: NECA used the same set piece from their BioShock display as last year, but this time it featured figures from BioShock 2. There was the upcoming Subject Delta repaint with a Little Sister in a polka-dot dress, prototypes for the Brute Splicer and some other Splicer (Spider maybe?) along with the currently in-stores now Elite Bouncer, Female Splicer, and Little Sister two-pack. My feelings are all 'meh" on the Splicer figures. NECA did a fine job of bringing them to plastic life, but they're not something that needs to be staring at me at night. Besides, all the Big Daddies are the real stars of the games; they look incredible and are so much cooler than the Splicers. The BioShock 2 exclusive figure for SDCC was a Big Sister Eleanor and Saved Little Sister two-pack. The Big Daddy and Subject Delta plush dolls were on display, which I still have yet to see in stores. There were a couple dealer booths with the plush dolls, but their prices were a bit too high compared to the regular retail price. Also, there were two Splicer masks. The welder and broken bunny masks will be out this Fall, possibly in time for Halloween. If you want an easy costume just wear one of these with some dirty clothes and you'll be an instant Splicer.

Predators: NECA's current Predators figures were on full display along with the brand new Tracker Predator and Predator Beasts. The beasts have articulated jaws for violent noming action and look great. Also on display was the prototype for what I think is the Predator 2 Predator. The exclusive at SDCC was the clear cloaked Berserker Predator. That Berserker scares me.

Gears of War: NECA's Gears of War display doesn't change a whole lot year after year. It's still a big battle scene, just slightly different from the year before and with a few different characters. I love the games and comic series, but admittedly don't pay too much attention to most of the figures, so I think some of these might be new. For part 3 they did have two-ups of the GoW3 Marcus and Dom on display. Marcus doesn't look that much different from the other Marcus figures, but Dom has a manly beard. It was cool that NECA's GoW exclusive was Jace form the comic series. With part 3 not coming out next year there is plenty of time for NECA to reveal any female Gears figures, who, like Jace, also debuted in the comic.

- Shawn - 7/31/10

That Predator Beast is bad-ass.

You'll need that Tracker Predator to keep those beasts in line. Or someone to send them off to get killed.

The Repainted Subject Delta and Little Sister stand with the current Female Splicer and Elite Bouncer.

Brute Splicer and the other Splicer are just kind of there.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Head Knockers in their classic headband colors.

Wear one of these with some dirty clothes and you're an instant Splicer. Or a bum.

It's a Gears of War battle scene!

It's still a Gears of War battle scene!

Dom's beard will have your back in Spring 2011.

The "cute" side of BioShock 2.

"Seriously, it was this big. It was hanging here just a minute ago..."

The prototype of the Predator 2 Predator?