SDCC '10: One Question with Todd McFarlane About Halo Figures

The big daddy of Spawn, Haunt, and McFarlane Toys, Todd McFarlane, was doing a quite a few signings at SDCC 2010. I was able to meet him at his signing at the Tor Publishing booth where he would be signing a Halo: Reach figure poster and one additional item of your choice. This particular signing was open to the first 75 lucky people who showed up at the Tor booth on Saturday morning.

Now, I have to say, Todd McFarlane is starting to look old with a bit of grey peppering his hair. Definitely a lot older than the first time I met him at a Chicago Comic-Con (long before it was changed to Wizard World) over a dozen or so years ago. He does have a great tan, though, and is still a super nice guy as he was back then.

McFarlane's time was limited from after the signing, but I was able to ask him a question. I decided to ask him a Halo figure-related question since the signing was mainly for the Halo: Reach figure poster. I asked him what some fans been wanting to know since the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition was announced: "When will we see a Halo figure with the flaming Spartan helmet?"

He nodded an smiled, "Eventually. There is such a divergence of armors in Halo that we have to decide when we can do each one and what is best for that particular series. But, eventually." Okay, it's not a very specific answer, but you still heard it here first, folks; there will be a flaming helmet Spartan figure eventually. Thanks, Todd!

- Shawn - 7/27/10

Todd McFarlane: Older, wiser, and with a killer tan.