SDCC '10: Sideshow Collectibles

You know what time it is. It's time for another gallery of awesome figures and statues from Sideshow Collectibles. This year there are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, lots of G.I. Joe, some Marvel statues (like the totally awesome Venomsaurus), a couple Predators, a few other random things and a disturbingly sexual Goliath from Gargoyles. Enjoy.

- Shawn - 8/1/10

Leonardo is so serious.

Raphael is about to get sarcastic. And stabby.

Michelangelo never pays full price for late pizza.

Only Donatello was voiced by Corey Feldman.

Mouser's are more annoying than an actual threat.

This is so great because it's a statue of Guile combing his hair.


If you have the Snake eyes figure you know you have to get Timber.

"I said a cheeseburger! And no pickles!"

It's that Storm Shadow figure you almost bought.

Firefly is the best saboteur in the biz.

Beach Head has a ridiculous alternate head.

Maybe Flint should be the leader.

"Wait, how do I reload this?"

Cobra Officers pretty much just have a big target over their faces.

Why is the Berserker Predator so angry?

Duke is looking for something more in life...

Red Ninjas get the fancy hat.

What is the Guardian Predator guarding?

This X-Force statue is sweet, but why isn't Domino a part of it?

Psylocke take some time out of her day to think about kittens.

Ms. Marvel on a big A that stands for Awesome. Or Avengers.

Can your lawyer pull off wearing tight purple pants? I doubt it.

Death's cloak is quite fluttery.

Daphne from one of the most frustrating games ever.

Kabuki desu.

Uh, guys? Thanos got the Infinity Gauntlet again...

Why does Cyborg Darth Maul exist? Someone please explain this to me.

This is the most blatantly sexually suggestive pose I've seen Goliath in. Or anyone from Gargoyles for that matter.

Kratos isn't that angry today; just mildly perturbed.

A Ring Wraith might let you pass.

A movie Optimus before a G1 Optimus? For shame.

The Prince of Darko.

So the Venom symbiote combined with a T-Rex to make Venomsaurus? Awesome.