SDCC '11: Cosplay

I didn't have a ton of time to walk around and just take photos of cosplayers this year, but I managed to get a decent amount thanks to group pics. Speaking of groups, the best one I saw was easily the big Venture Bros. group I spotted outside. Their costumes were just about perfect. Because I'm in a Mortal Kombat kind of mood, I'll give the best girl to Mileena. I like to imagine that she has a hideous mouth with huge gnarly teeth and an alternate bandage strap costume. She probably doesn't, but I like to think she does. As usual, there were a ton of great costumes all around the nerdy spectrum, plus there were quite a few shirtless dudes for the ladies out there. I've also included the booth babes and booth peoples. They're kind of like cosplay for pay. If you see something you like, click it to make it bigger. Enjoy.

- Shawn - 8/15/2011

An awesome variation on the Mad Love Joker and Harley.

Klassic Mortal Kombat. I imagine Mileena has a hideous mouth. I particularly like that Johnny Cage is doing his Friendship move and the ladies probably like his glistening pecs.

The best Deadmau5 I've seen yet. His head was electronic and lots of different things would play on his face. Also half of Daft Punk in Tron gear.

A meow-nificint Catwoman.

Teela could crush you between her mean abs.

Deadmau5' face is doing something!

This Joker was across the street and just stood there looking creepy. I think he knew I was taking his photo.

X-Force Wolverine and X-23 who might actually be the right age.

Madd Moxxi and Nathan Drake. Yes, a Borderlands / Uncharted crossover is exactly what I want to see.

They're dressed as Sega. Sega!

This Misty seemed highly entertained that I actually called her Misty.

Well lookie here, it's my two favorite DC ladies. Hello there, ladies.

The amazing Old Snake and Laughing Octopus from the Kojima event.

I'd say she definitely has the right look for Jessica Rabbit.

It's Professor Genki in his special suit.

A 7-foot tall Darth Vader stood in the big Revenge of the Jedi Vader photo-op. Perfect.

In Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, but now he's out of the game and brought his life-bar. Whatever's beyond the fourth wall, he's breaking that, too.

White Violin from Umbrella Academy.

Power Girl's greatest power isn't her strength.

What's great about this Tifa is that she has a tattoo of the L'Cie from Final Fantasy XIII. She's a crossover Tifa. Also a half-naked Spartan for you ladies.

Supergirl has the bluest eyes ever.

I don't know what's going on.

Now for some Rocketeer action!

An excellent Deadshot and what looks like a female Char, but is probably something else.

Jill Valentine is wearing that strap the proper way.

Life Line and Stalker got captured!

Loki and... Lokete?

These knights made their way all over Comic-Con.

Spartan assassination. Kind of.

Minigun Ninja? Cool.

Joker and Nurse Harley.

Where's the other half of Daft Punk?

It's time for Adventure Time!

SSX girl is ready for the return of the extreme, bro.

Classic and awesome Predator.

Captain Cold wants Comic-Con to chill out.

The awesomest Venture Bros. cosplay.

This is some seriously great Batman's Rouges' gallery cosplay.

What if Cobra killed Jawas instead of Stormtroopers?

"He's not good to me bricked."

Baroness, Cobra Troopers, and Stalker.

That's a lot of dancing Assassins.

Blue Ranger don't give a damn about team posing.

Some fantastic Indy cosplay. The only thing that would make this better is if the knight was actually a really old guy.

Darth Mario? Mario Vader?

Death Star Gunner was looking for something to gun.

Fortunately not all Mushroom Kingdom residents look like Toad.

I think this Katamari Cousin was crazy.

Death Star Gunner was looking for something to gun.

Black Cat, Aeris, and some blue-haired girl.

Black Lantern Joker and Harley is a very cool variation.

She's for something called Revenge Girl? I don't know what that is, but she has nice big... glasses.

Black Cat isn't just good at picking locks, apparently. Also a nice Psylocke, Super Woman again, and a half-naked dude.

Young Justice? No, just young.

"I'm not a Spartan! I'm ODST!" yelled this ODST to a guy that called him a Spartan.

Gordon Freeman and some aperture Science girl.

Psylocke in her black costume.

Fred and Wilma's outfits are probably comfortably cool in the hot aisles of SDCC.

Sucker Punch girls from someone's messed-up pre-lobatamy operation.

I know these are Sucker Punch girls with that cool mech.

This huge Grievous costume looked a little difficult to walk in.

It's a Skelanimals cat.

It must kind of suck for Silver Surfer to lug around that huge board all day.

It's that City of Heroes girl again.

I don't know what this is.

An Elephant Man chilling by a column.

Umbrella agents looking for any zombies.

After the electronic Deadmau5, regular Deadmau5 are a little boring now.

Van Helsing is looking to kill some sparkly vampires.

Vash is spending lots of double dollars on Batgirl at SDCC.

Wonder Woman's shorts look soft and Lady Deadpool is all set for Comic-Con.

Black Lantern killed his only friend.

X-Men team-up with Ms. Marvel.

Rogue and some X-Men dude I'm not really sure on.

Sucker Punch girls and some anime chick?

Kitana's costume is slightly see-through.

Of course Big Boy returned this year.


A Companion Cube in a suit? Is that similar to a head crab scientist?

Shadow Link? Evil Link? Dark Link?

It's-a some-a Mario and friends.

His Holiness approves of Pacers girls, so you don't have to feel like you're sinning when scoping them out.

Padme and those two greeting card things.

Ugly Dolls, coming through.

 I don't know who any of these people are.

Zombie prom night?