SDCC '11 Exclusives from Toys 'R' Us

Toys 'R' Us has announced their radical exclusives for SDCC 2011, covering a wide range of action figure lines. The best thing about it is that they're all pretty good. Or that's probably the worst thing if you plan to buy all of them. Let's begin.

ThunderCats Lion-O Classic Figure: This is the same 8" Lion-O that will be sold at retail, but better. The SDCC Lion-O has a metallic finish on his armor, shiny chrome weapons, the Sword of Omens in both short and long forms, claw shied, and a stand to hold the sword and shield. This is a must-buy. I was already planning on getting the regular Lion-O at retail, but getting this one is a bit cooler. Larry Kenny, the voice of Lion-O, will also be signing the figure at the Entertainment Earth booth Friday July 22nd from 5-7pm.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates set: This set includes Morrigan, Hulk, Zero, and Iron Man in Player-2 colors, which means Hulk is Red Hulk, Iron Man is in Stealth Armor, Zero looks more like Mega Man, and Morrigan is, well, just wearing Player-2 colors. This will go nicely with the other MVC3 Minimates set at SDCC.

Halo 10th Anniversary Platinum Master Chief: This is the same McFarlane Toys Master Chief figure that's been sold over and over, but this time the Chief is in an all shiny platinum color. I'm not one for all gold or all platinum-colored figures, but I'll probably get it anyways. In addition, Todd McFarlane will be signing the figure (and possibly another item of your choice) at the Entertainment Earth booth on Thursday July 21st from 10-11:30am.

Flocked Sonic the Hedgehog: I'm not into the Sonic figures at all, however, this 7" flocked Sonic looks pretty amazing. The flocking really makes it stand out and just looks so much better than the regular Sonic figure. I may need to get this.

Lightning Fury Raiden: This is basically a clear version of the Raiden figure from Jazwares upcoming Mortal Kombat line, but it also glows-in-the-dark. Sold. I just wish his hat was pointy like it's supposed to be.

Transformers Masterpiece Rodimus Prime: Okay, the packaging says it's Rodimus Prime and that he can transform into his Winnebago mode, but I don't see where the parts for the Winnebago are in the package. I think it's actually Rodimus Prime without the Winnebago, so just Hot Rod. Like the Masterpiece Grimlock from last year, this will debut at SDCC and then be sold at Toys 'R' Us stores at a later date.

Star Wars Republic Commando set: If you missed these the first time around, here's a second chance to get the crew from the Republic Commando game, plus a Geonosian Warrior. I already have these, but this is good for anyone who didn't get them before, or wants another set.

Bizarro Vs. Battle Armor Faker: If you like the weird two-pack of a DC character fighting a He-Man character here's on with Bizarro and Faker in battle armor. I'll pass, but I know there's a ton of He-Man fans that will want this.

All this awesome will be sold at the Entertainment Earth booth at SDCC. If you can't get to SDCC, everything will also be online after the show on Toys 'R' Us' site. (via Toys 'R' Us, Poe Ghostal)

- Shawn - 7/2/11