SDCC '11: Godzilla and Friends Destroy Comic-Con

Of all the display and dioramas at SDCC, one of the most impressive was the Godzilla diorama at the Bluefin booth. Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, Space Godzilla, and Mogera of Bandai's S.H. Monster Arts line were locked in an epic battle that was destroying the San Diego Convention Center. I'm not sure how exact the model of the convention center was, but it looked great to me, especially with the "smoke" effects. The super-articulated figures are probably the most poseable Godzilla figures ever made, but will set you back $50 - 90 each depending when and where you get them. AmiAmi and Hobby Search just put up pre-orders for the figures today at discounted rates, and if you want the first edition bonus breath parts you might want to order them soon. Godzilla will be out in November with MechaGodzilla in December. Space Godzilla and Mogera will be the next two figures out, but a release date hasn't been decided yet. I'm sure King Ghidorah isn't far behind.

One of the most impressive dioramas at SDCC '11.

Thanks for stomping by, Godzilla.

The most unrealistic thing about this is all the open parking.

The smoke coming from the convention center is a nice effect.

- Shawn - 8/1/11